Since 2005, the world's most respected companies have partnered with Transcepta for eProcurement and accounts payable automation to make informed, data-driven decisions, and drive increased profits.

Transcepta Required Accurate and Immediate Infrastructure Monitoring after COVID-19

For countless technology companies, COVID-19 was a watershed moment. Accelerated demand -- for digital transformation was the case for Transcepta, a leading procure-to-pay platform used by thousands of businesses like Sprint, Raytheon, and 7-Eleven. Transcepta experienced unprecedented growth thanks to new enterprise demand for the automation of their processes, workflows, and large-scale operations.

While the opportunity to capitalize and quickly add major new clients was incredible for Transcepta's business -- this momentum created a need for a good external monitoring tool to use in tandem to what the company was already using in-house. Transcepta suddenly found themselves onboarding larger enterprises who wanted third-party validations of the Transcepta Portal's availability, including SSO login access to their buyer portal . Utilizing's solution, Transcepta was able to provide that third-party validation. As an added benefit, Transcetpa's Operations Team now gets alert notifications whenever portal access performance falls outside of preset thresholds. This helps Transcepta resolve issues before customers ever see them.

Ultimately, Transcepta needed monitoring peace of mind -- ASAP. They chose as their infrastructure monitoring partner due to our:

  1. Versatile, immediate, and accurate alerts to report downtime issues
  2. Easy-to-use platform for quick setup of in depth analysis and alerting
  3. Comprehensive system to cover all monitoring needs for external websites
  4. Top-rated, expert, always available technical support

Technology + Support Means True Partnership for Transcepta

Transcepta, in their mission to "automate everything" suddenly saw their market demand skyrocket when COVID-19 accelerated the need for digital transformation across the board.

With, Transcepta found more than a monitoring vendor -- they found a partner and extension of their own system infrastructure team. While other vendors employ bots or take weeks to respond to issues --'s support experts are a true difference-maker in their monitoring success.

A Powerful Monitoring Solution That’s Easy-to-Use and Work With

Transcepta quickly found's monitoring system easy to configure. Simple account and check setup was critical to Transcepta’s System Engineering Managers, who configured various monitoring checks without needing technical support.

For critical checks with more complex configurations, Transcepta benefitted from expert partnership with's technical support team. Together, and Transcepta set up synthetic monitoring to continuously check their buyer portal. This check alone has made a difference for Transcepta's IT and System Insights Teams to know if portals are unresponsive within preset timelines -- and get to the root cause faster than ever.'s support is the key difference-maker for us. Compared to other vendors in the web monitoring industry (and beyond) who might have you talk to a bot or wait 6-7 days to respond -- your responsiveness and actual helpfulness are truly unique .” -Patrick Askan, Manager of System Engineering at Transcepta