Meet the Uptime team

The industry experts that make Uptime so great

Michael Esposito

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

Benjamin Byrne

Director of SysOps & Co-founder

Barak Shohat

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Daniel B. Gershuni

Chief Product & Revenue Officer

Dmitry Valerievich

Senior Developer

Mikhail Lukianchenko

Senior Developer & Systems Administrator

Jay Westerdal

Board Member & Co-founder

Elias Laham

Head of Customer Support

Brian Golatka

UX Designer

Janice Muri

Financial Controller

Sharon McElwee

Content Strategist

Richard Bashara

Content Marketer

Karrie Fisher

Accounting Office Assistant

Join our team

Our team has a unique chemistry with a collaborative workplace where employees can personally contribute to Uptime’s success.

Qualities we seek in team members

Professionalism, curiosity, initiative, responsiveness, ambition & integrity.