Meet the Uptime team

The industry experts that make Uptime so great

Michael Esposito

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

Benjamin Byrne

Director of SysOps & Co-founder

Barak Shohat

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Daniel B. Gershuni

Chief Product & Revenue Officer

Dmitry Valerievich

Senior Developer

Mikhail Lukianchenko

Senior Developer & Systems Administrator

Jay Westerdal

Board Member & Co-founder

Brian Golatka

UX Designer

Janice Muri

Financial Controller

Sharon McElwee

Content Strategist

Karrie Fisher

Accounting Office Assistant

Join our team

Our team has a unique chemistry with a collaborative workplace where employees can personally contribute to Uptime’s success.

Qualities we seek in team members

Professionalism, curiosity, initiative, responsiveness, ambition & integrity.