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Meet the driving force behind our success — the extraordinary team at Uptime.com Uptime rocket

Comprising of diverse talents and a shared passion for innovation, our dedicated professionals are the reason for our commitment to excellence.

Jonathan Franconi, CEO & Head of Product

Jonathan Franconi

CEO & Head of Product


At the forefront of Uptime.com's success, Jonathan Franconi, is a seasoned leader in the tech industry. He brings a wealth of experience to guide the company's overall vision and drive innovation in our website monitoring services. With a unique blend of strategic prowess and product expertise, Jonathan plays a pivotal role in ensuring Uptime.com continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide.

Oleksii Solianik, CTO & Head of Engineering

Oleksii Solianik

CTO & Head of Engineering


Leading the technological charge, Oleksii Solianik has a distinguished career in engineering leadership. Responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of our technological solutions & architecture, Oleksii plays a crucial role in ensuring the robustness and innovation of our website monitoring services that uphold Uptime.com's commitment to excellence.

Czarina Tabayoyong, Head of People

Czarina Tabayoyong

Head of People

Elias Laham, VP of Customer Support & Success

Elias Laham

VP of Customer Support & Success

Barak Shohat, Principal Engineer

Barak Shohat

Principal Engineer

Cory M Burnett, Head of Design

Cory M Burnett

Head of Design

Ben Byrne, Head of Systems

Ben Byrne

Head of Systems

Mishal Alam, Demand Gen Manager

Mishal Alam

Demand Gen Manager

Kate Khrenova, Senior Product Owner

Kate Khrenova

Senior Product Owner

Tom Crocker, Technical Product Manager

Tom Crocker

Technical Product Manager

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