Protect Your Profits with Prevent Lost Sales Due to Shopify Store Outages.

Safeguard your Shopify sales by monitoring your store's real-time availability. We will notify you the moment your shop is down or experiencing any issues that prevent your users from checking out successfully. Try - the industry's authority for website monitoring for free and stop losing sales to Shopify outages.

<span class='text-success'>Protect Your Profits</span> with Prevent Lost Sales Due to Shopify Store Outages.

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Why Your Shopify Site Needs Uptime rocket

Shopify is the most popular eCommerce platform in the world, with over 100 million active users. is the industry leader in website monitoring, and we are dedicated to ensuring the uptime and availability of your Shopify store.

Functional Validation

Functional Validation

Over 80% of stores have limited to no monitoring and aren't testing & validating checkout flows, dependencies, store performance or functionality.

Repeat Customers

Repeat Customers

A single poor experience can deter customers from returning, thereby negatively affecting your store's conversion rate and revenue.

Global Availability

Worldwide Availability Monitoring

Are you aware if your site is globally accessible to your customers? Do you know immediately if it goes down? Customers expect a store that's always available from anywhere in the world.

Validate your Checkout Funnel and Flows

The average global cart abandonment rate is around 69.8%. This emphasizes the significance of a seamless checkout process to minimize abandoned carts. That’s why for Shopify stores is an indispensable component of your site’s digital infrastructure.

A incident in the Shopify severely impacted our operations, preventing customers from adding items to their carts. Thanks to synthetic monitoring & StatusPage, our team was promptly alerted to the issue, enabling us to communicate to our customers quickly about the outage impacting the store. It's become our indispensable tool for detecting Shopify downtimes and communication to our customers.

- Samantha, Entrepreneur @ Legends Custom Jewelery

Validate your Checkout Funnel and Flows Website Monitoring provides Peace of Mind for seamless store operations

Are your potential customers abandoning their carts due to website issues? Now is the time to put an end to lost sales. Our comprehensive monitoring tools detect and resolve your Shopify store issues in real-time, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for your customers.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

By monitoring your Shopify store’s downtime, you can address issues promptly and minimize the impact on your customers. Leverage transaction checks for synthetic monitoring of pathways such as login pages and shopping carts.

Automatic Alerts

Automatic Alerts

Receive instant notifications and get multi-channel alerting via phone call, email, SMS, Slack (and many more!) when your website experiences downtime, allowing you to take swift action.

Global Monitoring

Global Monitoring

Ensure that your Shopify store is accessible worldwide with global coverage from 65+ locations across 6 continents. Use real-user monitoring data to break down your website performance by location, device, browser and URL.

Detailed Reporting and Optimization

Detailed Reporting and Optimization

Regular reports provide insights into your website’s performance, helping you identify trends and make necessary improvements to your Shopify store’s performance.

Broken UI

Detect Broken UI

51% of high-impact store issues are preventable with early detection through e-commerce testing. So save yourself the lost sales and wasted ad spend with Uptime’s automated UI testing suite.

Mobile Push Notifications

Mobile Push Notifications

Install our free state of the art native mobile apps available for iOS and Android and receive alerts real-time for any outage to your store whether its a site, API or transaction monitor.

The Ultimate Recipe for Sale Success

75% of potential customers judge company credibility from website experience

Test Forms and Flows

Quickly pinpoint issues with funnels, flows and forms with our no-code approach to transaction checks

Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Address issues promptly to minimize the impact on your customers and save your brand credibility.

Global Observability

Get global coverage from 75+ locations across 6 continents to ensure your Shopify store works around the globe.

Multiple Integrations

Get alerts directly via phone call, email, SMS, Slack and other DevOps tools that you trust

Website Performance Measures

A 10 second delay in page load time leads to a probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases by 123%. Ensure a smooth experience for all site visitors.

Test User Journeys

Simulate a user's browser to recreate their path through a web application with mouse clicks and element interactions. Ensure users are getting the best experience possible.

Why is Different?

“We believe in the power of simplicity and efficiency. Our goal is to transform monitoring, availability, and response into an effortless experience that doesn’t demand a PhD. Experience seamless, effortless navigation and top-tier reliability as we redefine what it means to make monitoring systems accessible for everyone.”

Jonathan Franconi

Jonathan Franconi

Customer Trust & Success

Not just another monitoring service. We are invested in your success.

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Reviewed and recommended by Best Reviews
momentum leader badge best support mid market quality support badge high performer mid market high performer badge fastest implementation enterprise go life time badge best estimated roi small business roi badge
Reviewed and recommended by Best Reviews

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