Private Location Monitoring
Securely monitor your network with private locations

Bring the world’s best monitoring, alerting and reporting suite of the platform into your own network or cloud hosted environment and have complete visibility from a single interface.

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Behind your firewall

Monitor services on internal networks without sacrificing security measures.

Combine all your monitoring

Manage internal and external metrics, reports, and alerts from one account.

Guarantee full stack availability

Protect against internal monitoring gaps to guarantee full stack availability.

Universally high user ratings

1,200+ businesses use to monitor website uptime and
performance more easily and reliably than they ever have before.
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Start monitoring your internal network resources in just a few steps

Safe and secure internal monitoring

Test where, what, and however you need to. Simply select an internal server to check against for instant details on test success, server name, IP address, and IPv6 output.

Deploy your own Docker instance

Bring the all-in-one suite of the platform to a containerized Docker instance, which can be safely and securely deployed to monitor internal network resources. The docker instance communicates securely to our cloud services enabling a single location for consuming availability of your services.

Run individual check types

Easily deploy services internally. Set single location checks (like SSL and more) from your private monitoring locations, or use’s test locations to expand monitoring across the entire infrastructure.

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Manage and Monitor your private locations from one location

Monitoring and Managing your private locations from a single management interface. Ensures visibility and status of your private locations quickly and easily.

Improve & expand user experience

Have internal systems that are critical to your public-facing sites? Create high standards for uptime performance and correlate potential frontend outages to backend issues.

Inside-out and Outside-in complete visibility

Enable monitoring for inside-out and outside-in visibility of internal systems and services no matter where the endpoints resides.

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Thoroughly investigate downtime & performance alerts

Get real-time data and statuses on private monitoring tests to detect anomalies impacting internal systems. Utilize our Group checks feature to group external checks with internal checks to have the ability to have a completely actionable alerting and response.

Root cause identification

Root cause means incident resolution; which means peace of mind for you. No matter where the checks reside, internally or externally you can trust our root cause analysis will allow for easy triage and visualization.

Report Meaningful SLA’s for your customers & employees

Dig deeper into downtime diagnostics. Provide complete visibility of your service SLA and how your internal users and external customers & users are consuming your services.

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It’s already easy to use. But we’re still here for you.

Robots alone don't solve problems, people do. Our 100% human support team is rated the industry's best and available 24/7 so you can spend less time finding help and more time resolving incidents.

Rely on expert technical support

Our team has extensive experience in private location monitoring and is available to assist you with any questions or issues.

A dedicated customer success advisor

To coach, guide and advise you on improving your monitoring process.

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Trusted by 9,000+ customers from the world’s leading companies

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“Don’t mistake their simplicity for lack of features. Their platform is extremely robust and they have features that allow monitoring on items I didn’t even know was possible.”

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Mike Sanders /
IT/Systems Admin, TTEC FAQs

Private Location monitoring is a feature that enables monitoring of service endpoints behind the firewall for visibility and availability monitoring of private endpoints securely.

The Private Location Monitor is deployed and managed via a Docker Container and be run via Docker.

The Private Location Monitor is highly secure using industry standard security, SSL and all communications are encrypted between the PLM and Cloud service.

All of check types can be run from the Private Location Monitors enabling you to have the same visibility as you do externally, internally.

Create your first private monitoring check in minutes

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