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With our Status Page, businesses can now easily communicate updates to both public and private audiences with our advanced flexible subscription options, keeping customers informed during planned or unplanned events.

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Status Page ensures that your business stays ahead of the disaster, mitigates data loss, and prevents your brand reputation from being tarnished.

Network Downtime

Over 20% of customers choose a network availability as the primary criteria when evaluating network solutions

The Cost of Downtime

On average, network downtime can cost a business up to $5600 per minute

Outage Cost for SMBs

For SMBs network downtime cost can range anywhere between $137 and $427 per minute

Public Status Pages

Improve user-experience of your audience by timely informing them of any unexpected outages. Effortlessly manage security incidents by hosting public status pages on your own domain.

  • Reduce incident-related support ticket creation, by 50%
  • 24x7 reliable communication to customers & stakeholders
  • Build trust with a secure incident management platform 
  • Seamless integration with Slack, SMS and RSS
  • Fully custom tailored page customizations

Private Status Pages

Stay in control during incidents providing private updates securely to all employees on outages with one reliable website monitoring platform.

  • Get real-time status information
  • Keep updates private and secure to employees
  • Setup a private page for specific customers access, leveraging advanced access control
  • One reliable source of information to refer to
  • Third-party status page integration
  • Reduce costs for support, helpdesk and separate tools
  • Scheduled maintenance windows with shareable secured status pages

Provide Customer Transparency & Build Trust

Status Page built with your customers in mind.

Whether you prefer using our user-friendly status pages or integrating with your existing tools customer visibility is critical. With the Status Page, you can provide crucial customer transparency and build customer trust in your brand, product and service.

  • Show current & future customers your reliability and back it up with real data on availability
  • Multiple Access Control Options for customers; including SSO and local authentication
  • Enable truly multi-tenant secure visibility
  • Build trust with customers showing true SLAs and Uptime
  • Fully personalized design
  • Complete visibility and full transparency

Subscription &
Communication Management

Managing subscriptions on a Status Page for a website monitoring platform is crucial to keep users engaged. Effective communication during incidents is essential to keep users informed and manage their expectations.

  • Create user profiles that allow users to manage their subscription preferences.
  • Users should be able to easily opt in or opt out of different types of notifications.
  • Regularly update the status of ongoing incidents.
  • Notify users when an incident is resolved. Include a summary of the issue and the steps taken to resolve it.
  • Notify users about the date, time, and expected impact of the maintenance. Allow users to subscribe to maintenance notifications.

Create the Status Page
that suits your needs.

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24/7 real-time support FAQs

A Status Page is a specialized web interface that offers real-time insights into the operational health of a product or service. Serving as a central point for users & customers of your service, it showcases service uptime, active incidents and scheduled maintenance. By increasing your transparency, it fortifies user trust and reduces the volume of support tickets during outages, underscoring the dependability of your service.

The Status Page continuously monitors the health of your systems, applications, and infrastructure. It displays various components such as service uptime, response times, incident history, and the overall status (operational, degraded performance, or outage). Users can subscribe to real-time updates to receive instant notifications about any service disruptions. Additionally, the Status Page includes postmortem reports, detailing the root cause and resolution steps for past incidents.

Yes, Uptime Status Page offers customization options to match the status page with your brand's identity. You can customize the page layout, colors, logos, and other visual elements to create a seamless user experience. This branding feature ensures that your status page aligns with your overall website or application design, reinforcing your brand's image even during periods of service disruptions.

The Private Status Page is vital for communicating audience-specific or sensitive updates to internal users. It integrates features like SSO, private logic, and Uptime user authentication, catering to various security requirements. Our Public page offers global, unrestricted visibility of your service status to users anywhere in the world to ensure continuous visibility.

Our Private Status pages set the industry standard by offering cutting-edge authentication options, championing a security-first approach for our customers. We support SSO, Local Users, and Uptime Account access controls.

Yes, we develop all of our services in a API first model. Our Status Page has full API support to manage incidents through automation tools, integrations and custom tools.

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