What is Uptimebot?

Uptimebot was Uptime.com’s autonomous uptime detection robot, which used to periodically visit websites across the web and check the uptime of each site. This bot crawled the web from a cluster of computers, accessing thousands of websites each day.

This data enabled companies and website owners alike to better understand the uptime and response time of their site(s). This bot was decommissioned on June 27, 2019.

Why do I still see Uptime.com traffic?

While UptimeBot traffic has ceased, you may find traffic from Uptime.com in your logs. This traffic has been set up by you or someone monitoring your site (usually a parent company). As an uptime monitoring company, we make every effort to minimize Uptime.com's impact on servers. 

Any hits generated by Uptime.com monitoring can be identified via the User-Agent found in our support documentation here.

How do I block Uptime.com from checking the Uptime of my site?

We believe that the information provided free-of-charge to all website domains within the Uptime Public Profiles is a valuable asset for sites looking to gain insight into their website uptime performance.

However, if you are seeing traffic from Uptime.com and you are not sure of its source please contact us at support@uptime.com.