Website Outage Alerting’s customizable alert system keeps a constant watch on your critical applications, notifying key personnel of downtime events through SMS, phone, email, and push notifications.

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Sophisticated Alerting to Monitor Your Business’ Web Infrastructure

Automated notifications with extensive alert options allow fast and efficient responses to every incident.

Multiple Contacts

Designate team members to receive notifications of a downtime event, with complete control of permissions, sharing, and accessibility.

Define Teams

Add contacts to alert the right team to resolve the outage.

Escalate Incidents

Customize alerts to notify key personnel when downtime severity requires a more senior-level threat assessment and response.

Integrated Reporting

Integrate into your current workflow by receiving alerts directly from the apps you use daily like Slack, PagerDuty and more.

Monitor Web Applications with Confidence

Respond quickly with a smart alerting system that empowers Fortune 500 Businesses and tomorrow’s startups to manage complex IT infrastructure with ease.

Improve Response Time

Customizable alerts reduce false alarms, and provide technical data or instructions for outages. Improve your team’s efficiency with comprehensive metrics on downtime events.

Exceptional Scheduling Capabilities

Cut the flood of notifications with our maintenance scheduling system that pushes technical data to administrators based on server status. Escalate problems to the appropriate team members when downtime occurs outside of those maintenance windows.

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