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The Trend Toward HTTPS


Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, aka HTTPS, is the future of the web. Large providers, including Google, are asserting that HTTPS is mandatory for supporting new web features. In fact, web and security providers and technology organizations are launching major awareness and implementation programs to incentivize HTTPS use. HTTPS is […]

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Block and Prevent Phishing Attacks


The number of successful phishing attacks and the cost of their mitigation is alarming. Spear phishing, or email messages that appear to come from trusted authority figures and organizations, is used in more than 90% of attacks. Numbers show that when at least five individuals are targeted, a compromise is […]

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Infrastructure Capacity Planning and Application Performance


Can you adequately support and anticipate application workloads, especially as part of website operations? Do you know when to obtain new capacity and what type it should be? Resource underestimation can cause unresponsive sites, infrastructure shortages and loss of revenue, while overestimation can lead to unused resources and increased costs. […]

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The Quest for More Reality in Load Testing


The expansion of the Internet into every realm has put a growing pressure on web applications and the engineering approaches and services necessary to achieve high performance. Performance is essential for the success of web applications, and load testing must be realistic as possible. Load testing should simulate real-world conditions […]

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More Analytic Value with Big Data Visualization


Simply put, big data analytics can lead to more data exploration for more users. In addition, big data can enable you communicate and visualize business insights in more compelling presentations and graphics to support faster strategic and operational improvements. Big data technology is becoming available on lower-cost platforms, and there […]

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Strategies for “Internet of Things” Performance Monitoring


Performance monitoring will change because of the huge number and unique nature of interconnected devices in the Internet of Things (IoT), and the evolving use scenarios, infrastructure, tools, and services necessary to support client business needs. The number of interconnected “things” is expected to expand to billions ($26 billion is […]

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How Can ISO 27001 Improve Security Management?


Security management is too important to be left to chance. Businesses would like address security more formally and systematically, but may not have the resources to do so. There is a huge, accumulated body of knowledge available that can prove useful; widely accepted and deployed security specifications can provide an initial […]

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Understanding Server Monitoring Concepts and Terminology


Customer server resources that are monitored include CPU usage, memory consumption, I/O, network, and disk usage. Data created during monitoring operations can clarify or explain resource usage to support capacity planning and assess and improve the end-user experience. Server monitoring includes the activities listed below: Flexible alert escalation schedules listing […]

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How Does Hybrid Cloud Integration Work?


Thinking about implementing cloud technology? Hybrid cloud deployment will most likely be a way station on the journey—surveys and predictions on cloud adoption strategies indicate that at least three-quarters of companies plan to adopt a hybrid model as part of their strategy for leveraging cloud-computing technology. Hybrid cloud-computing environments utilize […]

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