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Get global peace of mind by checking your website’s response time from different locations around the world.

Global Uptime Test

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check your website’s speed everywhere it’s visited.

Test global uptime for

Remote IP
See what IP your website is served from in a particular region.
DNS Lookup
Monitor how long DNS name resolution took from start to finish.
Monitor how long it took for the TCP connection to your server to complete.
Redirect Time
Get the total time for how long all redirection steps (such as name lookup, connection, pre-transfer and transfer) took before the final transaction began.
TLS Connect
Monitor how long it took to complete the SSL/SSH handshake to your server.
Request Time
Measure how long it took for file transfers to begin, including all pre-transfer commands and negotiations specific to the particular protocol(s) involved.
First Byte
See how long it took for the first byte to transfer, including the time the server needed to calculate the result.
Total Time
Get the total time it took to download the URL.

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