800.com lets anyone run their business from a cell phone, with toll-free and vanity phone numbers, auto attendants, call routing and more. Serving over 30,000 users, 800.com helps businesses find the perfect 800 number.

800.com Required Uninterrupted Connectivity

Customers were reporting outages before 800 could detect them, which left DevOps in a reactive state and hindered development. The primary directive: provide uninterrupted connectivity so 800's users can handle their business.

In evaluating monitoring solutions, 800's requirements were as follows:

Seeking a robust and comprehensive solution, 800.com partnered with Uptime.com.

Prompt Alerting and Rapid Deployment Were Critical for 800.com

800.com prides itself on the fast and reliable service it offers in handling incoming calls. If services go down, 800's customers can't connect to clients. That hurts 800.com, but most importantly its customers.

Uptime.com helps 800.com with the monumental task of monitoring call routings and greetings. DevOps rests easy with the knowledge that when infrastructure goes down, the team will be alerted immediately with the technical details to respond.

"Most monitoring tools are built by engineers, for engineers. They are complicated to set up and maintain, wasting hours of engineering building infrastructure that will not positively impact our bottom line (but definitely negatively impact it when things go wrong). Allowing any tech savvy person on our team to set up and keep an eye on the monitors frees up tons of engineering time."

800.com Improved Observability and Efficiency

Not just what went down, but why. 800.com relied on Uptime.com to provide the tools needed for speedy downtime resolution.

Support tickets related to downtime are a thing of the past. 800.com no longer hears about 404 and 500 errors from customers. The proactive approach saves support costs and helps ensure 800.com remains a leader in the telecommunications industry.

Uptime.com provides an intuitive and well-documented API system, enabling 800 DevOps to build integrations from the ground up . This flexibility allows anyone on the team, regardless of technical skill, to monitor, create checks, and utilize the Uptime.com system.

With an "out-of-the-box" Slack integration, 800.com was able to quickly configure alerts to arrive where the team lives and works. It's easy to follow up on alerts, everyone has visibility on downtime, all with no extra software needed.

"Our website consists of many different pages, all handled by a CMS and stored in our database. One day, we got a notification from Uptime.com alerting us that one page had disappeared. And then another. And another.

Turns out we had a simple database issue. We were alerted before any developer (and more importantly, any customer) knew something was wrong. This saved us time and money. We could have spent hours, maybe days wondering why the sign ups were all of suddenly slow." -Andre Gonclaves, 800.com Product Engineering