Founded 15 years ago, SocketLabs simplifies and improves the way businesses send email with intelligent technology and personalized experiences. Incredibly, more than 600,000,000+ unique email delivery data points are analyzed by SocketLabs every day on behalf of businesses like IBM, InsRedHat, Mozilla Firefox, and The Walt Disney Company.

SocketLabs needed reliable external uptime monitoring paired with accurate alerting and constant product innovation

While SocketLabs utilizes in-house tools for the internal monitoring of application metrics and reliability – they were missing external monitoring for a holistic view into infrastructure performance. They had previously used Pingdom, but were frustrated by the constant false alarms, lack of new features, and monitoring enhancements.

False downtime alerts were not only a challenge to daily business operations, but to team morale. Too many false positives from a monitoring solution can cause wavering confidence, sleepless nights, and even complacency that leads to alerts being ignored. With the hope that there were better and broader uptime solutions out there – SocketLabs began their search for a new monitoring partner.

Finding an uptime partner offering ease of use and innovative monitoring tools

SocketLabs focuses almost entirely on email delivery and relies on a layered monitoring approach. Their customers depend on them to execute complex email strategies to mass amounts of end users. In, they found a monitoring partner that could play a vital role in ensuring their outward facing infrastructure is up and running as it should.

Upon signing up for's 21-day free trial, the SocketLabs dev team was delighted to find how easy the website monitoring platform was to use. This allowed them to configure a variety of monitoring checks within the first few hours of their trial.

As for innovation, SocketLabs began leveraging multiple private monitoring locations as a main focal point with customers who use – and rely – on their product from all over the world. This instilled team confidence in their system monitoring reliability, and helped them quickly differentiate between regional, global, or internal outages.

Today, some of SocketLabs most used monitoring features include:

  • SMTP Checks : Simple Mail Transfer Protocol checks monitor outgoing SMTP email server functionality.
  • API Checks : Test APIs with multiple HTTP(S) requests, custom headers, and tokens.
  • Transaction Checks : Monitor SocketLabs logins by mimicking user actions by testing forms via synthetic monitoring.
  • Private Locations : Test and monitor services on a company's internal network like intranet apps or sites behind firewalls that may not be visible externally.
  • Monitoring Integrations : Of uptime monitoring data and alerts into popular DevOps tools for reporting, alerting, and communication like Splunk VictorOps.

Trusting in top-rated support that's just as reliable as the uptime monitoring tools themselves

SocketLabs found so easy to use that they didn't require support assistance to get started. Their Director of DevOps was able to configure hundreds of checks and multiple integrations independently.

That said, the instances since that have required support help have resulted in an immediate response from the team. This has left no doubt with SocketLabs that they can rely on fast 24/7 availability from's 100% human support team.

"'s monitoring tools are extremely easy to use. I signed up for a free trial and was able to use 80% of the platform’s features on day one – no help required. The service is so usable and reliable that I haven’t needed much Support help in four years. But when I've needed assistance, Support has replied immediately to deliver super helpful and positive experiences." – Matt Soler, Senior Director of DevOps