Condeco is the pioneering market leader in workspace management and resource scheduling software. The company's commitments to transforming workplace scheduling for the future require uninterrupted connectivity.

Condeco DevOps Required Observability

Condeco DevOps oversees both single and multi-tenant solutions hosted in Azure with more than 1,000 customers accessing services in a multitude of ways. There are also hardware components used by web pages and API calls. The team's needs included increased observability to enable a proactive approach to downtime resolution.

In evaluating monitoring solutions, Condeco requirements were as follows:

  • Gain first-response capabilities over outages
  • Flexible notification system to report downtime where the team lives and works
  • API access to implement auto-heal logic, create checks and expedite monitoring at scale
  • Shareable reports for distribution to customers and executives as needed

In evaluating service providers, Condeco recognized's powerful API and intuitive user interface. These qualities made the two partners a natural fit.

Rapid Deployment with Visibility and Oversight

Condeco's infrastructure is growing rapidly, the sign of a bright future for the company. That bright future requires underlying oversight of that infrastructure. Along with the existing monitoring, the company needed a system that could grow alongside their own business.

Using, Condeco's inbound support tickets related to outages are reduced and Condeco's customers are more aware of planned maintenance and expected downtime. In addition, the team gains greater insight into their existing services for a clearer understanding of performance bottlenecks for resource allocation.

Condeco relies on API checks to monitor critical endpoints for downtime response.'s SLA reporting provides the reassurance Condeco needs in upholding its agreements, and ultimately providing the best possible user experience. In addition, maintenance mode allows the company to safely provide upgrades and improvements to strengthen infrastructure without confusing alerts and invalid downtime muddling reports.

Uptime and Condeco | Continually Providing the Best Possibly User Experience

Businesses around the world rely on Condeco scheduling tools to coordinate workplace coverage. Downtime can bring work to a halt. When reliability became imperative, Condeco relied on reporting gave Condeco the tools needed not just to respond to downtime, but to learn and grow from these events. The company has better data on performance and outages to make informed data-driven decisions as they scale.

Downtime-related tickets saw a noticeable decline once the company adopted monitoring, as teams took a more proactive approach to incident management.

"We needed a versatile solution that would monitor multiple components and provide us visibility into our systems. With, we spend less time diagnosing, and in most cases we are able to respond before the customer becomes aware of the downtime." -Hardeep Singh, Global Director of Cloud Operations at Condeco