Instagram outage

Instagram Down on the Heels of Major Google Outage

As people get back to business after a Google services outage that affected everything from Gmail to Google Drive, Instagram users are reporting significant problems with the app.

Instagram Outage Details

According to user reports, problems began around noon EST on March 13. Some can login to Instagram but are unable to post updates. Others cannot see their feed at all, and still others can’t login. As usual, Twitter is buzzing with memes and complaints from angry Instagram users.

Outage Affects Users Worldwide

Users from the US, Portugal, the UK, Italy, and several other countries are reporting problems with the social media platform. Thousands of users reported issues with the app. Many also reported problems with Facebook and Messenger as well.

Instagram Outage Cause is Unknown

It’s unclear what the cause of the outage is and when it will be fixed. Facebook has yet to comment on the outage, and the official Twitter account for Instagram doesn’t have any news.

This is the third major Facebook-related outage since November, and the second for Instagram this year.
Despite the increase of people on Twitter checking on the status of Instagram and Facebook, it’s business as usual for Twitter.

As of now, Instagram is still not working.

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