Uptime.com Enhances Premium Plan with 25% Off Spring Promotion: The Best Website Monitoring Solution for Growing Companies


PALO ALTO, Calif., April 25, 2024 (Newswire.com) – Uptime.com, the leading provider of website monitoring services, is thrilled to announce enhancements to its Premium Pricing Plan, optimized specifically for growing companies. This comprehensive plan now offers an expanded array of features designed to meet the evolving needs of businesses that need to ensure their websites are online and accessible 24/7 by customers around the world.  

The upgraded Premium Pricing Plan is accompanied by an exclusive 25% off Spring Promo and now has an even more impressive suite of monitoring capabilities, including: 

  • Monitor your sites and services by leveraging a diverse & globally distributed observability network. 
  • Monitor from private cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premise with our advanced Private Location Monitor and run your own probe network anywhere on any infrastructure. 
  • 200 Basic Checks: Ensure the stability and functionality of essential websites. 
  • 15 Transaction Checks: Monitor critical user transactions to safeguard seamless user experiences. 
  • 20 API Checks: Validate API integrations & functionality to maintain operational efficiency. 
  • 5 Page Speed Checks from Multiple Locations: Monitor & Optimize website loading times across diverse geographical regions. 
  • 15 Group Checks: Simplify monitoring of interconnected systems with bundled checks. 
  • 4 Status Pages: Keep stakeholders informed with real-time status updates. 
  • Unlimited User Accounts: Foster collaboration among team members without limitations. 
  • Unlimited SMS/Phone Notifications: Ensure your alerts reach your team members and lower your Mean-Time to Resolution. 
  • 75+ Observability Locations: Access an extensive network of monitoring points worldwide. 
  • 1 Minute Check Frequency: Receive timely alerts to address issues before customers are impacted. 
  • 1.5 Million Page-views Real-User Monitoring: Gain insights into user behavior and optimize website performance accordingly. 

“We are proud to announce significant enhancements to our Premium Plan at Uptime.com, now featuring unlimited SMS and phone notifications, expanded check allocations and more frequent monitoring through our robust global observability network. These improvements are designed to set new benchmarks in website monitoring, significantly reducing both Mean-Time to Acknowledge (MTTA) and Mean-Time to Resolution (MTTR) for our customers. By coupling these upgrades with our 25% Spring Promotion, we are doubling down on our commitment to help businesses proactively manage and quickly resolve website and system outages. At Uptime.com, we are dedicated to continuously evolving our powerful monitoring solutions to meet and exceed our customers’ demands for performance, availability and reliability 24/7/365.” – Jonathan Franconi – CEO and Head of Product Uptime.com 

Uptime.com is excited to offer a special Spring Promo for both monthly plans, providing exceptional value for businesses looking to elevate their online presence. To learn more about Uptime.com’s upgraded Premium Pricing Plan and the current Spring Promotion offering a 25% discount, please visit https://uptime.com/pricing.  

Uptime.com recently announced UPro! Onboarding Service that leverages the expertise of the Uptime.com implementation services team to deploy and configure your monitoring services hassle-free and provide documentation and runbooks to operate your monitoring. One integral aspect of this suite is the Custom Alert Runbook, which allows users to define specific actions and procedures to be executed when alerts are triggered, ensuring swift and precise responses to potential issues. Additionally, Uptime.com Configuration Summary outline provides users with a concise overview of their monitoring setup, enabling quick assessment and adjustment of configurations as needed. Together, these components empower users to maintain continuous availability and reliability for their digital assets with the flexibility to adapt to changing environments quickly. All plans include a free implementation strategy session with our monitoring experts. 

For more information about Uptime.com’s enhanced Premium Pricing Plan and the ongoing Spring Promo with 25% off, visit https://uptime.com/pricing

Source: Uptime.com

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