November Newsletter

As we celebrate the season of gratitude, we want to express our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of our valued clients. Your trust and partnership have been the cornerstone of our success and we are truly grateful for the opportunity to serve you.

Are you still feeling stuffed from Thanksgiving? 🍗 Well, clear some space because the November newsletter is brimming with exciting updates.

Team at Web Summit Conference


We are immensely proud to mention that we are a fully remote global team. Members of Engineering, Product, Customer Success and Marketing team got together in Lisbon, Portugal for the world’s largest tech conference – Web Summit 2023!  The team was thrilled to meet existing and potential customers at the booth, where multiple demos and reports for each business’s website page speed performance was shared at the spot within seconds! 

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New Monitoring Locations in North America

Test Nodes US

We have expanded our horizons across North America with brand new public monitoring locations. Here’s the list of newly added (and growing!) locations:

Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Manassas, Honolulu, Vancouver and Toronto!

Check out our full list of probe server locations.

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Enhancements to API Check

At, we believe in continuous improvements and enhancements based on customer feedback.

Now, with our enhanced features, customers can easily turbocharge their API checks. Our clients now have the power to effortlessly check the length of entities in your API with just a .length function in JSONPath expressions. It’s like having a supercharged API-checking toolkit that allows you to write intricate queries, giving you the freedom to harness the length of entities in your JSONPath queries. This means you can create more robust and intelligent API checks, paving the way for a seamless and efficient experience.

Upgrade your API game with us and witness the simplicity of powerful checks.

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