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Comprehensive E-Commerce Store Monitoring offers comprehensive e-commerce monitoring to ensure you safeguard your sales by monitoring your store’s real-time availability and functionality. We will notify you the moment your shop is down or experiencing any issues that prevent your users from checking out successfully. With advanced Real-User Monitoring and Synthetic Monitoring, tracks your website’s performance from hundreds of global monitoring locations. This proactive approach helps identify and resolve issues quickly, minimizing downtime and enhancing the user experience. Whether you use Shopify, Magento, Squarespace or another platform, provides reliable, real-time insights and alerts, keeping your e-commerce operations robust and your customers satisfied. Experience the benefits of industry-leading website monitoring with and keep your e-commerce business thriving.

Personalized Service Update Subscriptions for Status Pages

We now allow the ability to subscribe to individual service updates on our Status Page! Stay informed about specific check server locations and POPs with personalized alerts. Your users can subscribe to Uptime status notifications via email, SMS, RSS, Slack or the ability to integrate with other platforms using our Webhooks. Visit our Status Page to customize your subscriptions today. Managing subscriptions on a Status Page for a website monitoring platform is crucial to keeping users engaged. Effective communication during incidents is also essential to keeping users informed and managing their expectations.

Improving Control Over Drill-In History in StatusPage

We’re excited to introduce a new feature for StatusPage Admins, aimed at providing more control over component drill-in history. This update adds a field under the “drill-in to checks” section on the General Tab, allowing you to define the maximum selectable time range for drill-ins.

Admins can now customize the maximum time period (in days) that they can drill-in, with the field labeled “Maximum selectable time range for drill-in (days)”. A helpful tooltip is included, explaining that the widest range of time users can select or view.

Additionally, preset date ranges like “one week” or “one month” will only show the ranges within the specified maximum days, ensuring a seamless and controlled user experience.

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