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Launch of UPro! Services is thrilled to announce the launch of UPro!, a premium service designed to streamline customer onboarding.

UPro! Services are meticulously crafted to facilitate a seamless onboarding experience to the Uptime platform, providing clients with comprehensive training and documentation on system configurations. The service includes an in-depth, one-hour training session and more, ensuring that clients can quickly and efficiently integrate website monitoring tools into their operations. This streamlined onboarding process empowers teams to focus on driving business growth without unnecessary delays. 

Key Features of UPro! Services: 

  • Smooth Hand-off of Deliverables: UPro! ensures a smooth transition, minimizing disruptions during the onboarding process.
  • Comprehensive Documentation: Clients receive detailed documentation on system configurations, empowering them with a clear understanding of the web monitoring tools. 
  • In-Depth Training Session: The one-hour training session by one of our dedicated UPro onboarding professionals provides teams with the knowledge to utilize the full potential of’s website monitoring solutions. 
  • Quick Setup and Seamless Onboarding: UPro! expedites the setup process, allowing teams to leverage website monitoring tools efficiently. 

For more details about UPro! Services, you may get in touch with our team on the link below.

March Webinar About Status Pages

Curious about how a status page can revolutionize your SRE and DevOps journey? We recently hosted an insightful webinar diving deep into this crucial topic. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, understanding the importance of a status page is essential.

Catch the recording on our YouTube channel now and gain valuable insights to get some insights. Stay tuned for more expert and valuable resources from!

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Exciting Opportunities Await! is thrilled to announce that we’re expanding our team and hiring for multiple roles across the company! As a 100% remote global company, we embrace talent from all corners of the world. Enjoy the flexibility of remote work, along with generous PTO and outstanding benefits.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, there’s a place for you on our dynamic team. Join us in shaping the future of website monitoring and beyond. Explore our current openings and take the next step towards an enriching career with!

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