Website Downtime Hurts Business Growth

Businesses of all size rely on their websites to attract customers, but that’s especially true for small companies just getting off the ground. Without a large customer base or years of name recognition, small businesses need their website to be the company’s gateway to the world.

That is what makes website uptime so important. If your website is down, people can’t reach you. While some downtime is to be expected, if your website is down on a consistent basis, you lose valuable opportunities to find customers and growth suffers.

Think about what happens when a website goes down. Not only can customers not reach you, but you or your employees must spend time fixing the issue. Even if that means a call or an email to the web hosting provider, that is still time and focus spent from the growing the business. Between the lost customers, the time spent fixing the problem, and the stress it causes, downtime can be a serious problem for a small business.

On the other hand, if you don’t have to worry about your website crashing, you can spend more time focusing on the business. Chances are you did not start a business to spend time working on website issues. It’s selling a product or service you are passionate about, so you’d rather do that than be on the phone with a service provider.

A company with a website that has minimal downtime can expect to grow at a faster rate than the same business with a poor website. A website is a company’s portal to the outside world. It welcomes customers, provides information and serves as your company’s online home. If it doesn’t work then all those benefits go away. That’s what makes website uptime so important.

It’s not easy running a business and a website is something many people are not experts in. It’s something they know they need to have, but something they might not have a ton of knowledge about. By picking the right service provider, business owners can have a site consistently running that will help them on their journey.

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