Efficiencies, Optimization of Existing Software Usage, Third-Party Dependencies Are Key Trends for 2023

Uptime.com, the market leader in uptime and website monitoring, expects the industry to focus on the consumption and usage of products and services to improve efficiency and optimization in 2023.

According to Uptime.com’s Chief Product Officer, Jonathan Franconi, organizations are currently engaged in discussions about how to leverage their existing software and services for optimal usage and controlling tool sprawl. While there are concerns about potential cost-cutting measures in response to a possible economic downturn, Franconi reassured that IT spending is expected to exceed 2022 levels.

“In addition, the SRE operating model is continuing to grow and adapt across organizations,” Franconi added. The SRE mindset continues to be a driving change in organizations as microservice-based architectures continue to increase in complexity.

Franconi stressed the criticality of ensuring the resiliency and reliability of monitoring tools and vendors. He noted that if monitoring tools experience unexpected downtime, they provide little benefit to businesses that depend on visibility into their site’s availability.

He added third-party dependencies on SaaS services will continue to grow to be a major contributor to incidents for companies and visibility of these outages are more crucial than ever.

Going forward, Franconi urged all organizations to review their products and services and to fully understand their third-party dependencies. He underscored the importance of monitoring not only their own services but also the third-party services they rely on every day.

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