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πŸ†• New Functionality

πŸ“±Mobile App Enhancements

🌍 New Page Speed Locations


New Functionality!

We’ve enhanced our HTTP testing capabilities to include the option of configuring the User-Agent in HTTP headers.

This User-Agent in HTTP headers allows for more accurate emulation of various user environments, essential for monitoring Shopify sites which often rely on specific user-agent behavior for optimal performance tracking and troubleshooting. This enhancement ensures comprehensive and tailored monitoring solutions for Shopify merchants, enhancing their overall website performance management.

Experience Enhanced Monitoring On-The-Go

The latest Uptime.com Mobile App Enhancements, designed to elevate your monitoring experience to new heights. Explore our revamped UI, accessibility improvements, and streamlined check management features today!

UI Enhancements: Experience a refreshed visual UI design across the entire app, tailored for both dark and light modes. Including a completely new and redesigned Uptime bar.
Accessibility Enhancements: Color selection and fonts have been adjusted to meet with accessibility standards.
Check Creation and Deletion: Users can now effortlessly create or delete basic HTTPS, DNS, PING, and SSH checks directly within the app.

Uptime Percentage: Uptime percentage is now included in the Check List.
Timezone Display: Timezone is now displayed in the alert log.
New option (on our web dashboard) allowing you to disable or enable who has access to login via our mobile apps (enabled by default)
Be alerted while you’re mobile! πŸ“±

New Page Speed Locations

Improve your online presence with our latest enhancement – After introducing Toronto, Canada as our dedicated page speed test location, we have now added four new dedicated page speed monitoring locations strategically placed around the globe. Enhance your website’s performance and ensure seamless user experiences across continents.

In order to maximize convenience for our customers, we have been providing updates on the Uptime.com mobile app, so don’t forget to download our mobile app on iOS and Android to get instant push notifications and alerts.

Our new dedicated Page Speed locations are:

Frankfurt, Germany

Singapore, Singapore

Johannesburg, South Africa

Sydney, Australia

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