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A smarter monitoring system for downtime incident reporting with key statistics at your fingertips.

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Uptime Monitoring Dashboard

Finally, a Website Uptime Monitoring Service That’s Easy, Intuitive, and Comprehensive

Start monitoring the availability of your website in minutes from over 30 different locations, with technical data for root cause analysis so your team can prevent recurring issues.

Customizable Notifications

Set up SMS, email, phone calls and push notifications to deliver critical outage information in minutes. Monitor the availability of your website, applications, and servers with confidence.

Test Everywhere

Test your site’s accessibility with global uptime monitoring that measures performance across 6 continents.

Unlimited Testing

Test complex website infrastructure for continuous uptime, without limitations. offers sophisticated downtime monitoring designed with your enterprise in mind.

Always Available

Your Dashboard and Status Page provide constant verification of server status, with options for daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Server Response Time Monitoring

Server Performance Monitoring Built for Enterprise

Fortune 500 Businesses trust for accurate downtime incident reporting. With flexible tools and robust functionality, every business can focus on growth and expansion.

Immediate Alerts for Downtime

With one-minute website uptime check intervals, and detailed downtime reporting to any device, monitoring offers effortless protection. Why check website availability manually when you can enjoy always-on website uptime monitoring? Our automated alerts dramatically reduce the time it takes to check website uptime and downtime and puts more time back in your day.

Uptime and Downtime Alerts
Ping Alerts

Diagnose and Act

Knowing how quickly your page loads once is not enough. With, continuously track your website’s performance through tests that are done under optimal conditions.

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