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Functionality Uptime.com Better Uptime
Global External Monitoring
Comprehensive Checks
Synthetic Monitoring
Real User Monitoring
API Monitoring
Private Locations
System Status Pages
Customizable Dashboard
G2 User Ratings
Ease of Use
Ease of Setup
Ease of Admin
Ease of Working With
Product Direction
Quality of Support
Multi-Site Monitoring
Multi-Channel Alerting



Trusted to stay up

By thousands of customers who love the quality, stability, and reliability of our award-winning platform and people.

By industry experts like G2 and TechRadar who have named us one of the world’s best web monitoring solutions.


Monitor better and more accurately

Our product does the talking for us. Single sites and Fortune 500 businesses simply choose domains and customize checks to monitor web, network, and email uptime at global scale or from private locations for intranet apps and sites behind firewalls.



Reduce false alarms and sleepless nights

We're positive you'll see less positives. We double-check everything from multiple locations and won’t alert during maintenance windows to ensure when you're notified -- it's for good reason.


Trust our top-rated technical support

Products alone don't solve problems, people do. Our 100% human support team is rated the industry's best and available 24/7/365 to ensure you spend less time finding help and more time resolving incidents.



If you’ve heard of us, it's for the right reasons

Longevity means better uptime performance. Our combination of top-rated tech and support has gotten us recognized as one of the world’s best monitoring solutions to use (and work with) for nearly a decade.

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"Uptime.com has a myriad of available notification options"

"We push alerts to user's phones, through our internal messaging software, and to kiosk monitors in the offices. Threat detection was an unexpected plus as well. Alerts can come from multiple locations around the globe so it can help discover regionally isolated incidents as well."

"The current notification setup just doesn't work for me as it is right now"

"It seems designed for large companies that always have someone on call 24/7. If I want to get a call, SMS and e-mail during the day on certain monitors and just SMS and e-mail at night, then that's not possible."

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