SAML Authentication Error

A SAML authentication error occurred while trying to communicate with your identity provider.

Technical details of the problem have been sent to support.

Please ensure you have correctly filled in your identity provider's SAML details on our SAML SSO Setup Form.

Also ensure you have correctly configured the EntityID / Audience URI and ACS / Consumer URL in your identity provider, and also enabled the following attributes to be sent:

  • A unique user identifier or email address: Name ID  /  Subject NameID
  • The user's email, one of: Email  /  User.Email  /  E-Mail Address  /  EmailAddress  /  Mail  /  eduPersonPrincipalName
  • The user's first name, one of: FirstName  /  User.FirstName  /  Given Name  /  givenName
  • The user's last name, one of: LastName  /  User.LastName  /  Surname  /  sn

Please contact if you continue to experience issues.

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