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Effortlessly monitor your websites & APIs for complete visibility, speed & reliability from anywhere.

  • Website Monitoring NetworkGlobal Monitoring Network
  • Flexible & Fair PricingFlexible & Fair Pricing
  • Real Time & Reliable AlertingReal Time & Reliable Alerting
  • Monitor Internal & External WebsitesMonitor Internal & External Websites
  • Quick Identification & Resolution of OutagesQuick Identification & Resolution of Outages
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14-day free trial

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24/7/365 real-time support

Resilient & secure platform

Trusted by the world’s premier organizations.

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Our monitoring solutions provide unmatched visibility and availability, empowering engineering, operations and SRE teams to monitor & respond to their most essential services.

Everything you require for
unified availability monitoring

Simple & intuitive industry leading Enterprise-grade features delivered at a fair price, that are continuously improving.

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Status Page

The all-in-one incident management platform to communicate updates to private and public audience.

Create a Status Page
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API Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor APIs in real-time with our robust API monitoring solution. Ensure uptime, detect issues, and optimize performance.

API Checks
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Real User Monitoring (RUM)

Gain insights, detect bottlenecks, and boost website performance to enhance user experience for your business.

RUM Checks
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Website Monitoring

Configure sophisticated uptime monitoring checks without sacrificing simplicity. Detect downtime, optimize speed, and ensure a seamless user experience.

Website Checks
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Private Location Monitoring

Get real-time data and statuses on private monitoring tests behind the firewall or anywhere your infrastructure is deployed. Detect anomalies impacting internal systems. Precise, confidential, and always in your control.

Private Location Checks
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Synthetic Monitoring

Continuously test the availability, performance & functionality for all of your website's critical flows with real browser synthetics. Detect failures, boost website reliability by adding new checks within minutes.

Synthetic Checks
The largest & fastest growing check platform...
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Basic Checks

  • SSL/Certificate

  • Malware/Virus


  • SSH

  • DNS

  • NTP

  • IMAP

  • Domain Blacklist

  • Whois/Domain

  • TCP Port

  • SMTP

  • Ping

  • UDP

  • POP

Advanced Checks Image

Advanced Checks

  • API Monitoring

  • Micro-Transaction Checks

  • Group Checks

  • Transaction Monitoring

  • Page Speed

  • Webhook Monitoring

  • Heartbeat Monitoring

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Share Incident Updates

Share Incident Updates

Keep users & customers updated when an incident is resolved. Include a summary of the issue , impact to your business and the steps taken to resolve it.

Custom Status Pages

Custom Status Pages

Provide real-time, up-to-the-minute status of incident updates, including any performance issues, scheduled maintenance and service disruptions.

Response Time Monitoring

Response Time Monitoring

Monitor response time and availability from locations around the world from public locations and private locations to enable complete visibility.

Maintenance Windows

Maintenance Windows

Notify users about the date, time and expected impact of a system or service maintenance. Allow users to subscribe to maintenance notifications.

Private & Public Cloud Monitoring

Private & Public Cloud Monitoring

Monitor services anywhere they are running. Deploy our Private Location monitor to enable visibility in Private Cloud or leverage our extensive Public Cloud Locations for complete visibility.

Worldwide Observability Network

Worldwide Observability Network

Leverage the most reliable geographically distributed observability network to ensure granular visibility to where your customers reside and ensure your services are reachable everywhere.

Page Speed Monitoring

Page Speed Monitoring

Configure a page speed check that run daily to ensure your sites perform well over time. Ensure your website loads fast for visitors worldwide, optimized for performance & customer experience.

Advanced Alerting

Advanced Alerting

Get alerts anytime, anywhere. Our Advanced Alerting engine is highly tuned to eliminate false positives. Send alerts to multiple integrations to enable rapid response and resolution.



Customizable dashboards with critical uptime performance data needed for NOC visibility, continuous insights and realtime response to alerts and failures.

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Stay in control and gain full visibility across on-premise, cloud and hybrid infrastructures. Don't limit your monitoring visibility - ensure complete coverage worldwide!
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  • Secure - We build trust with a secure monitoring management platform, always putting your data protection first.

  • Reliable - Don’t let unexpected web incidents leave your customers in the dark. We strive for reliability in everything we build and operate for your peace of mind.

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Considering Website Monitoring or any of our monitoring solutions but not sure where to start? Let us take care of the implementation, enabling you to focus on what matters most in your business.

Our expert team goes beyond simple setup; we provide detailed configurations, personalized training and robust support, ensuring you can fully leverage the Uptime.com platform.
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Resilient & secure platform

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Receive alerts and respond on the go.

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Be alerted while you're mobile.
Mobile-first incident management.

Get notified instantly to monitor uptime on the go.

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Not just another monitoring service. We are invested in your success.

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momentum leader badge best support mid market quality support badge high performer mid market high performer badge fastest implementation enterprise go life time badge best estimated roi small business roi badge
Reviewed and recommended by Best Reviews FSQS Badge

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Consolidate & save with the most reliable
unified monitoring platform.

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  • Custom Status Pages
  • Largest global observibilty network
  • 3 minute checks
  • Advanced API & Synthetic Checks
  • 10 User Accounts
  • 200k RUM page-views included
  • Self-Service Add-ons
  • Continuous Innovation
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager



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