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Key Features Essential Premium Custom
Monitoring for HTTP(S), SSL, DNS, & more checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Transaction, RUM, API, heartbeat, & webhook checks checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Alerts via SMS, phone, email, & integrations checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Unlimited monitoring integrations checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Status page & scheduled reports checkmark icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
More checks, alerts, & features X icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
20% off future à la carte add-ons X icon checkmark icon checkmark icon
Uptime Monitoring
Basic Monitoring Checks

Continuously test website, network, and email server performance.

30+ 200+ Customize
Transaction Checks

Mimic user actions to test flows and forms via synthetic monitoring.

2+ 12+ Customize
Group Checks

Organize multiple checks to monitor systems, report on performance, and manage incident response. Receive alerts when group failure conditions are met.

1+ 5+ Customize
Real User Monitoring Requests (Page & Ajax Views)

Monitor speed, errors, and performance with user data.

200,000+ 1,500,000+ Customize
API Checks

Test APIs with multiple HTTP(S) requests, custom headers and tokens.

3+ 20+ Customize
Custom Checks

Monitor processes with cron jobs, heartbeats, and webhooks.

2+ 10+ Customize

Manage your monitoring account without logging in.

checkmark icon checkmark icon Customize
Monthly SMS Credits

Get text message alert notifications.

180+ 800+ Customize
Monthly Phone Credits

Get automated call alert notifications.

18+ 80+ Customize
Email Notifications

Get alert notifications delivered to your inbox.

Unlimited Unlimited Customize
Third-Party Integrations

Use with popular DevOps tools.

checkmark icon checkmark icon Customize
Reports & SLAs

Customize for downtime, alerts, and check reporting.

2+ 8+ Customize
Scheduled SLA Reports

Deliver checks, systems, and SLA response reports to designated contacts.

2+ 8+ Customize
Status Page
System Status Page

Create external and internal pages for incident communication.

1+ 4+ Customize
Status Page Subscribers

The total available subscriber seats across status pages.

250+ 1,000+ Customize
Status Page External Users

Secure your StatusPage access via SAML SSO or individual management of external users with a username and password.

10+ 50+ Customize
Account & Settings
20% off à la carte usage

Available with Premium subscription only, learn more.

X icon checkmark icon Customize
User Accounts

The total number of available platform login seats.

1+ Unlimited Customize
Historical Data Retention

Retain alert history and RUM averages.

6mo 24mo Customize

Segment monitoring accounts for different users and teams.

X icon checkmark icon Customize
Private Monitoring Locations

Test intranet apps or sites behind firewalls.

X icon Add-on Customize
Single Sign-On

Unify and manage user permissions at scale.

X icon checkmark icon Customize
Audit Log

View your account’s history and changes.

X icon checkmark icon Customize

Detect anomalies between an probe server and your website.

X icon checkmark icon Customize
Premium Support

Get fast response and resolution with our technical experts.

checkmark icon checkmark icon Customize
Enterprise Account Management

Get custom support, QBRs, strategy and more.

x icon x icon Customize

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Reviews and Testimonials

The best monitoring service for any website!


"It's a reliable service which can be configured with great simplicity for any website. Its alert system is able to notify you and trace issues immediately. Nothing to dislike: no false notifications."

Read the full review

Awesome product


" is a wonderful tool. It provides us with multiple types of checks like Transaction and HTTP checks. Also, the support team is great. You will always get a response within the hour and it then becomes very easy to complete your task."

Read the full review

Affordable and reliable,whether your big or small


"I like that there is a plan/ tier for all sizes of companies, including a small company like ours. This is invaluable, as many companies geared towards B2B have moved towards starting packages that are just too big (and expensive) for smaller companies. I have to say I have yet to find a definitive and objective downside to using for our monitoring. They offer so many options and features, it's hard to find shortcomings."

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Peace of mind with


" provides very good features and a simple user-friendly UI to monitor the availability of services. The part I like about their customer support is they respond quickly, with a detailed explanation and they help you understand why your checks are failing. Their SLA report is the best."

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Simple, easy to use monitoring that is reliable and just works


"It has lots of different checks available and is super easy to integrate into our other alerting and monitoring solutions. Compared to some of the other products we use it has more features and is priced better. As a software developer, I liked the API documentation and it was easy to consume. Being an email service provider, having reliable SMTP testing was also important. The transactional web testing makes sure that our login process goes uninterrupted."

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because we pride ourselves on listening to our users.

"Quick and helpful customer support, but pricing plans could be more dynamic." - G2 Review

This change has been advocated for by customers and employees. More flexible, less bundled subscriptions allow you to add/customize usage in a self-serve capacity without upgrading to a higher plan tier or going through Sales.

SaaS plans involve multiple fixed package options that vary by features and price. The fixed nature of these plans require users to upgrade to a higher tier if they’ve reached their maximum feature or volume limits.

Our subscription levels are preset with starting features + volume minimums. Users select a level with the base price, features, and volume they need and add features/capacity from there.

Yes. 15% discounts are applied to accounts on annual subscriptions. Users who select our Premium subscription level when signing up for the first time receive 20% off future à la carte usage.

Yes, this will grant you access to more advanced features like Audit Log, SSO, Private Locations, and Subaccounts.

However, adding Premium monitoring at a later date means your account is ineligible for the 20% à la carte discount or higher usage minimums. We strongly encourage users anticipating incremental usage to start at the Premium level when first subscribing to lock-in future savings as needs grow.

Downgrades must be managed by our Support staff to protect against system abuse and violations. Submit a support ticket to get started. subaccounts and Private Monitoring Locations require Support configuration and aren’t available self-serve at this time. Both are set up within 24 business hours of a ticketed request.

They have the same flexibility and self-serve access that new users have, and can add incremental website monitoring features as their uptime needs grow.

It’s easily found within’s website monitoring user panel, under: Billing → Subscription.