Uptime.com vs. 100% Uptime Web Hosts

One of the unicorns that business owners chase is 100% site uptime. Why? Because few things are more frustrating than seeing the error message “server cannot be located.”

As frustrating as this is, however, sites go down. That’s why site uptime monitoring services such as Uptime.com exist—to alert site owners when their sites are down.

But what about web hosts that offer 100% uptime guarantees? Such a feature would put uptime monitoring services out of businesses. After all—100%. Uptime. Guarantee. What is there to not understand?

What 100% Uptime Guarantee Really Means

It might be counter intuitive, but 100% uptime guarantee is more marketing jibe than reality. The main exception is that a site can be down due to routine maintenance. The fact that this maintenance can often equal hours per month makes no difference. During this time period, customers can’t visit the site. They can’t place orders. Business can’t be conducted. Why? Because the site is down. Web hosts include this exception into the 100% uptime definition, and it’s this matter of semantics that allows them to offer so-called 100% uptime guarantees.

Redundant Web Hosting – Achieve 100% Uptime by Offering Two Sites

Technical options, such as a backup site, exist for the business owner who’s looking for 100% uptime. The idea is that when one version of a site goes down, a customer could then be somehow directed to the backup site. The keyword here is “somehow.” To accomplish redundant site hosting, a business owner needs to set a record with two different IPs, and the customer will reach one of the domains at random.

This solution, however, transforms a business owner into a site technician because even static content must be updated twice. For someone whose specialty is growing a business, the option of synchronizing dynamic content and managing duplicate content, even for small sites, soon becomes untenable.

Finally, if each domain is hosted by the same web host, on the same shared server, both sites could conceivably go down.

Uptime Monitoring

The good thing about uptime monitoring is this: It’s simple. Monitoring sites such as Uptime.com monitor a variety of web sites and notify each business owner if their web host fails them and a site goes down.

Such notification provides site owners with data to determine if a web host is capable of providing reliable hosting. Since Uptime.com offers other services, such as malware and virus scanning, owners receive notification as soon as one minute after the injection of malicious code. There is no semantic game. There are no caveats. Just quick, reliable information regarding a site’s uptime and performance.

In a head-to-head battle – 100% uptime guarantees sound inviting, but they don’t really perform the way a business owner expects or demands.

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