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Flexible Uptime Subscriptions

Add à la carte website monitoring features at any level.


From $79/mo.

Start low and grow.

Common features and usage, add à la carte forever.

Subscribe for:

  • Monitoring for HTTP(S), SSL, DNS, & more
  • Transaction, RUM, API, heartbeat, & webhook checks
  • Alerts via SMS, phone, email, & integrations 
  • Unlimited monitoring integrations
  • Status pages & scheduled reports


From $449/mo.

Feature-proof and flexible.

Premium features and usage, save 20% forever.

Subscribe for:

  • More checks, alerts, & features
  • 20% off future à la carte add-ons 
  • SSO, Traceroute, Audit Log
  • Subaccounts & private locations
  • Unlimited user accounts
  • Custom-branded status pages
  • Up to 24mo data retention
  • Up to 15 monitoring locations per check

Try Premium free for 21-days. No credit card required -- cancel anytime.


From $999/mo.

Address complex needs.

Create your monitoring experience.

  • Configure at scale
  • Invoiced billing
  • Custom onboarding
  • Account management
  • Custom terms
  • Accelerated SLAs

Websites are dynamic, monitoring should be too

Focus on uptime performance -- not subscription limits.

From $79/mo
From $449/mo
From $999/mo
  Most Affordable
Add-on as needed
Best Value
Save 20% forever
Most Scale
Build to spec
Basic & Advanced Uptime Monitoring
Basic Monitoring Checks
Continuously test website, network, and email server performance.
30+ 200+ Customize Your Plan
Transaction Checks
Mimic user actions to test flows and forms via synthetic monitoring.
3+ 15+
Real User Monitoring Requests (Page & Ajax Views)
Monitor speed, errors, and performance with user data.
200,000+ 2,000,000+
API Checks
Test APIs with multiple HTTP(S) requests, custom headers and tokens.
3+ 20+

Custom Checks
Monitor processes with cron jobs, heartbeats, and webhooks.

3+ 10+
Monitoring Locations Per Check
Decide how many probe servers each check is tested from.
5 15
Manage your monitoring account without logging in.
checkmark icon checkmark icon
Downtime & Site Performance Alerts
Monthly SMS Credits
Get text message alert notifications.
180+ 800+ Customize Your Plan
Monthly Phone Credits
Get automated call alert notifications.
18+ 80+
Email Notifications
Get alert notifications delivered to your inbox.
Unlimited Unlimited
Third-Party Integrations
Use with popular DevOps tools.
checkmark icon checkmark icon
Uptime Reports & Monitoring Dashboards
Customize for downtime, alerts, and check reporting.
2+ 10+ Customize Your Plan
Scheduled SLA Reports
Deliver checks, systems, and SLA response reports to designated contacts.
2+ 10+
Public & Private Website Status Pages
System Status Pages
Create external and internal pages for incident communication.
1+ 5+ Customize Your Plan
Status Page Subscribers
The total available subscriber seats across status pages.
250+ 1,000+
Uptime Monitoring Account & Settings
20% off à la carte usage
Available with Premium subscription only, learn more.
X icon checkmark icon Customize Your Plan
User Accounts
The total number of available platform login seats.
1+ Unlimited
Historical Data Retention
Retain alert history and RUM averages.
6mo 24mo
Segment monitoring accounts for different users and teams.
X icon checkmark icon
Private Monitoring Locations
Test intranet apps or sites behind firewalls.
X icon Add-on
Single Sign-On
Unify and manage user permissions at scale.
X icon checkmark icon
Audit Log
View your account’s history and changes.
X icon checkmark icon
Detect anomalies between an probe server and your website.
X icon checkmark icon
Premium Support
Get fast response and resolution with our technical experts.
checkmark icon checkmark icon
Enterprise Account Management
Get custom support, QBRs, strategy and more.
X icon X icon User Review G2 Verified fivestars

"Monitoring made easy"

"Easy to use but intuitive interface on the website. Very well priced and the customer support team is outstanding. Responsive, knowledgeable, and swift to resolve your issues."

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  • No credit card required free trial
  • Flexible web monitoring subscriptions
  • Top-rated uptime tools & support

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