Holistic Domain Monitoring

Instant and thorough reports from tell IT administrators the state of DNS, web, and mail servers with a full range of uptime checks as well as blacklist and malware databases.

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A Deep, Technical Diagnosis of the State of Your Servers

With’s Domain Health tool, IT administrators can identify holes in infrastructure and schedule checks to monitor those elements.

Efficient Diagnostics

Color-coded error reporting allows you to instantly see the severity of an error. Reports include server info, response time, packet loss data, and more.

Configure Checks

Schedule critical checks from within the Domain Health tool for the fastest, most comprehensive monitoring of your domain.

Test Everything

From SSL checks to testing 301 redirects, the Domain Health status tool helps IT teams track a site’s optimization over time.

Inline Reporting

Detailed metrics on failed checks are available within the health report, providing a cohesive overview of all technical aspects regarding your domain.

Detailed Metrics in an Intuitive Format’s Domain Health monitor displays server status visually, including error codes and technical data, for the ability to drill down into technical issues and find solutions quickly.

Share Reports With Your Group

Share reports with designated contacts using, or share status pages for a more transparent glimpse into the health of your domain.

Protect Your Domain

Begin with a comprehensive health check from to test your most important infrastructure, so you know where and how to focus your optimization efforts.

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