Uptime.com Alerts: HipChat, PagerDuty and Custom Postback URL

Uptime.com prides itself in letting website owners know the instant their site goes down. To do so, Uptime.com uses a variety of different notifications, many of which people may not be familiar with. Here is a look at three: Custom Postback URL, HipChat and Pager Duty.

Custom Postback URL

This service allows users to push alerts to any third system where they can receive certain types of messages. Anytime a change is made to their website, the user gets a notification. This is usually used in advertising when an ad provider might change their advertisement, but it has a lot of value in website monitoring as well.

By knowing every time something on a website changes, operators can make sure all changes are made by a known source. If an unknown actor does the action, the operator can work quickly to protect the site, change access codes or take other measures.


People use a lot of different forms of communications and one of the most popular is HipChat. It’s a web service for internal or private chat messages between members of a group, such as a company.

Organizations use HipChat to discuss current projects, coordinate schedules and just otherwise be in communication. For website owners, they can get automatic alerts from Uptime.com on HipChat when their site fails to pass a test. Since a lot of people already use HipChat, it’s a great way to share information on website performance.


The word pager might make you think of the early 1990s before everyone had a cell phone, but PagerDuty is a new and innovative company rethinking security. PagerDuty helps organizations manage IT incidents on its platform, helping secure the most important assets during a breach and helping organizations find a quick resolution.

To help businesses monitor their sites, Uptime.com seamlessly integrates with PagerDuty’s platform. Website owners can get alerts in PagerDuty just as they do with other IT incidents, making sure the right people know when something is amiss so it can be fixed quickly.

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