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October 2019 Social Media Outages by

This past month was haunted with social media outages, finance, and tech services. DDoS attacks affected entire countries and broadband services in Africa.

We’re continuing to see a pattern of outages from social media services with multiple applications. When one of these apps goes down, at least one of the others usually goes as well. The worst of these outages occurred in March, when Facebook’s entire suite of apps went down.

When applications share components on the backend it’s common for all apps that use those components to go down. This also can affect unrelated apps that use services to login, like a user who logs in to Spotify with Facebook.

Because of the sheer volume of outages, we’ll focus solely on social media this month and list other significant outages at the end.

Here’s a rundown of the major outages from October 2019.

Table of Contents
  1. Twitter
  2. flickr
  3. Quora
  4. Snapchat
  5. Facebook Apps
  6. Discord
  7. Other Significant Outages

October Social Media Outages: the usual suspects


Where do people go when the place everyone complains about outages on is down? That was the question looming in everyone’s minds on October 2 when Twitter and Tweetdeck both experienced a series of massive outages.

Perhaps the other most popular question was: How is #twitterdown trending when no one can get on?

A Twitter status page for developers using Twitter APIs reported a “system irregularity” was the cause of the issue, but Twitter’s main status page didn’t go into any further detail.

A couple of weeks later, another Twitter outage occurred on 10/22, mostly in the UK and parts of Europe.


On October 3, our systems alerted us to a brief outage on the popular photo sharing site Flickr.

flickr social media outages screenshot

After reviewing flickr status pages, we found an incident report that the photo server experienced some issues.

flickr status problem


One question we can’t find the answer to is why Quora doesn’t seem to have a public status page. On October 9, detected an outage on the popular Q&A site.

quora social media outage screenshot

A possible reason why so many users experience intermittent 504 errors? Quora is constantly updating its database. Not only is the site collecting new answers, but they are always removing answers and consolidating questions.

Let’s be clear: we don’t know why this downtime occurred and can’t say for sure what caused these service interruptions. Many sites constantly update their databases and don’t experience issues.

However, some large companies can have issues with database replication across multiple clusters. When the same information is copied to multiple servers or nodes, errors can cause availability issues.


We received numerous user reports on our public profile page for Reddit of problems throughout the month of October.

social media outage reddit user report problems

After scouring the Reddit status page, we found incidents on eight days in October:


It was an unlucky month for Snapchat. The social media app experienced two outages in less than a week, on October 9 and 14.

The only confirmation of the problems from the company were a series of templated tweets stating they were aware of the problem and when it was fixed on both dates.

Facebook Apps

As usual, the Facebook family of apps experienced outages at the end of October.

On October 22, Whatsapp appeared to be down for Android and iPhone users.

Then, our systems picked up brief downtime on 10/24 for Instagram. One witty tweet commented how much easier it is to tell IG is down as opposed to Twitter:

The big finish occurred on October 30 when all the apps went down.  Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and Messenger all experienced outages.


Chat app Discord was called out on October 24 for connection issues. According to the service’s incident report, API issues caused errors both in connecting and sending messages.

While perusing their status page, we found other API issues on 10/19 with a database node, as well as a server overload issue on 10/5. The folks at Discord do a good job of explaining exactly what went wrong as well as how they fixed it.

Other Significant Outages

In addition to social media, cyberattacks affected everything from governments to ISPs to parts of AWS. Traffic surges crashed others. Here’s the list.

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10/25: UK Chain store Next
10/28 Steam Halloween sale crashes site

Cable and Internet Services

10/21-10/28: DDoS attacks affected ISPs Afrihost, Axxess, WebAfrica, and RSAWeb
10/23: Wave Broadband
10/25: Medicom Cable
10/27: British Telecom Cable & Internet

Technical Services

10/11: Cisco (our systems also caught an outage at 2:45 UTC on 10/10)
10/14: Bitbucket
10/22: DDoS attack affected parts of AWS

Government Services

10/4 City of Elko, Nevada email
10/7: New Orleans 911 system
10/14: Finland government admin systems, oil refinery Neste
10/16: Bonjour Sante (Montreal) online doctor appointment booking
10/28: Cyberattack takes down over 15,000 websites in the Country of Georgia

Banking and Finance

10/11: Crypto exchange Binance
10/17-18: Commonwealth Bank (Australia)
10/28: Halifax and Lloyds Banking UK
10/30: Bank of America
10/31: Cash App


10/16: 123-reg email service
10/22: Yahoo! Mail

Cellular Phone Services

10/16: Vodafone Mumbai
10/17: Three Mobile phone network UK
Throughout October: AT&T Wireless Voicemail

Other Services

10/10: Blink Cincinatti
10/21: Soundcloud
Throughout October: PG&E

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