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Webster Bank is a bank that has branches in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Westchester County, NY.

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For 1 month, 3 weeks

(Aug 24, 2018 5:24 a.m. GMT)



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Aug 24, 2018
3:27 a.m. GMT

Lasted for 1 hour, 56 minutes

app says check internet connection but i am connected 2 days, 8 hours ago
Won’t let me log in 2 days, 11 hours ago
unsupported URL; app won't load; has been down all weekend 2 days, 11 hours ago
Unable to connect to server 2 days, 12 hours ago
Can’t log into app. Says “unsupported URL” 2 days, 12 hours ago
Will not connect to server, reinstalled ,still not working 2 days, 13 hours ago
URL not supported, fingerprint won’t work, can’t log on, help tab won’t open 2 days, 14 hours ago
Login page not looking right, no Webster logo. Fingerprint not working url not supported 3 days, 9 hours ago
I cannot login to my apps 5 days, 1 hour ago
Webster bank app won't load 1 week, 5 days ago