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A highly reliable system for downtime incident reporting

Domain Health

With 1 click, start monitoring your entire domain for critical issues and ensure your customers can access your website 24/7.

Global Presence

Monitor your site from everywhere your customers reside. Uptime.com checks your site's accessibility across 6 continents.

Real-time Alerts

Receive fast and efficient notifications of every incident via SMS, phone call, email, Slack, webhooks or push notifications. Integrate Uptime.com into your current workflow by receiving alerts and metrics directly into the apps you use daily.

Root Cause Analysis

Identify and resolve the cause of an outage and prevent future incidents. For every incident, run comprehensive reports to determine the issue and establish a resolution.

Jonathan Pike / Newswire / Systems Engineer

“Uptime.com fills a critical space in our monitoring toolchain. Their frequent checking of our web infrastructure with granular reporting & real time alerts pushed right into Slack is exactly what we’re seeking.”

Matt Danison / Rentals.ca / CEO

"Uptime.com gives us peace of mind knowing the second we have any site connectivity issues Uptime will send a text message to us."

Wes Broadway / ContentWriters / Senior Developer

"Easy to use, very clean design - Notifies quickly of any detected outages - Reliably detects even small/brief outages."

Real User

Deliver the best experience with RUM checks. Synthetic monitoring provides real user insights, generating comprehensive metrics of every element on your site.


Simulate how visitors interact with your site and receive alerts when critical transactions fail. A highly customizable approach to application monitoring.

Flexible, Detailed

View detailed summaries & graphs over any period of time and create dashboards and SLA reports.

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