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  • 400+ down-time alerts
  • 21 monitoring checks
  • 5 users


Epurple is a data-driven online marketing agency with high ambitions serving 50+ clients in the Netherlands.


Proactively discovering and resolving client downtime events is a very reactive, manual, time consuming effort for Epurple. They needed a solution that could automate this process to both save their employees time – while allowing them to quickly notify clients of downtime and performance issues before they even knew it themselves.


Epurple has configured's automated and flexible notification system for moment-it-happens alerts on their customers' downtime issues.


To-date, has alerted 400+ downtime events for Epurple's customers' websites, allowing them to respond quickly – and resolve issues even quicker. All without having to hear of downtime events from their customers.


Epurple is a data-driven online marketing agency with high ambitions serving more than 50 clients in the Netherlands. Epurple's mission is to provide each client with an A+ customer journey experience. This means that clients should have the feeling that Epurple has their backs with 24/7 service and going the extra mile – always.

Epurple Required Automated Detecting and Alerting of Downtime Events

Epurple clients were reporting downtime issues before they could even be detected, leaving employees in a constantly reactive state. The limited bandwidth of Epurple's team makes proactively discovering and resolving downtime events a challenge – both for employees and customers. Epurple chose as their web monitoring partner thanks to our:

  • Automated and flexible notification system to report downtime issues
  • Intuitive interface/design which is easy to use for employees
  • Single, unified tool which covers all of their monitoring needs
  • Moment-it-happens response capabilities over downtime issues's Excellent Service Helps Epurple Better Service Their Customers

Epurple is an ambitious online marketing agency that's growing quickly. Such growth requires automation and processes that support their teams by simultaneously scaling their impact and reducing their workloads. This leads to better services and experiences for Epurple's clients.'s solution helps Epurple achieve these objectives by providing around the clock downtime and performance monitoring. Epurple has been using some time now to monitor critical endpoints for downtime response. In short, consistently puts Epurple in the best position possible to support their customers.

Easy setup, Automation, and Reliability

Epurple found setup very easy to use. Both their account setup and single monitoring check setups were straightforward and simple to implement. Without any help from support, they've configured all sorts of monitoring checks for their customers.

"At Epurple, we want our clients to feel like we are 'on top of it' and that we see and know everything. When identifies problems such as string match errors, and sends us SMS alerts, we get that first response capability we're looking for."

Additionally, the escalation process is very easy to set up. For instance, Epurple employees receive email and SMS notifications when downtime is discovered. Finally, they like the fact that they're able to adjust the check interval, locations, contacts and escalations (additional contacts when a website is down for x time) for each client. This allows Epurple to customize all the checks they use – and therefore the alerts their team receives are always a sign that action is required. Thanks to this, Epurple employees don't need to worry about receiving alerts in the middle of the night while there is actually nothing going on.

" alerted more than 400 down-time alerts for our customers websites. Epurple was able to quickly respond to customers/web developers and help provide the best possible solutions. It saves us time, helps us scale, and helps us clearly understand WHY a website is down." -Kristian Maton,SEO Specialist at Epurple