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Uptime Monitoring for IT Service Providers

Because more uptime means better infrastructure performance.

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IT professional services uptime monitoring for speed, downtime, and infrastructure performance with

7 in 10 organizations

list mitigating unplanned downtime as their top priority.

Apple Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
Palo Alto Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
accenture Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
Capgemini Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
Microsoft Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
pwc Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
IT teams use software to configure dozens of website performance monitoring checks

Unify your performance monitoring

Put our monitoring suite to work for you; from HTTP(S) and SSL checks to advanced RUM and synthetic transaction monitoring. Then, create public (and private) status pages to communicate downtime incidents.

Deliver accurate IT alerts

Designate who gets immediately notified of downtime and if/when escalations occur via call, SMS, email, and tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams.

IT teams and SREs use software to configure outage alert escalations
IT teams use monitoring tools to minimize false downtime alarms

Minimize false alarms

Trust that our monitoring checks are double-checked from a minimum of 5 locations and won’t alert during maintenance windows. If you’re notified – there’s a reason.

Test from private probes

Securely monitor intranet apps and sites behind firewalls to catch internal downtime, then use diagnostic tools like traceroute for root cause analysis and resolution.

IT teams use monitoring tools to minimize false downtime alarms
IT teams use to customize reporting dashboards for uptime performance monitoring

Get a 360º view of uptime performance

Create and customize monitoring dashboards to report by check types, alerts, and SLAs  – segmented by different users and teams.

Count on 100% human support

Let us support you the way you do others. Trust our 24/7 human support and detailed documentation to solve issues before they impact your network, infrastructure, and day. 

IT teams trust software and technical support for 24/7 help G2 user reviews of website uptime monitoring software

“Flexibility and reliability, the two main features of Uptime”

"We have been customers of Uptime for two years now, and we are delighted with the service offered. Its main features are the flexibility - guaranteed by many executable test types - the ease of use (you don't need to be an engineer to use the platform), and the peace of mind you get knowing that a serious and reliable company monitors your services."

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  • Comprehensive uptime monitoring  
  • Accurate, reliable IT alerts 
  • 360° infrastructure reporting
  • 24/7 human support
  • À la carte monitoring subscriptions