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Group Monitoring Checks

Group individual checks together and set down conditions for broader testing, alerting, reporting and incident resolution.

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Group Checks Monitor Overall Performance

The Observability You've Been Waiting For

Group monitoring checks by type, domain, geography, and more.

Group Monitoring Checks for Uptime Performance Tracking with

Nest Individual Checks into Groups

Get a bird’s-eye-view into system-wide uptime performance or custom groupings by service, customers, geographies and more.

Check and Correlate Issues

Catch performance issues between services, components, and locations that could otherwise be missed. Quickly understand if other systems and sites are impacted.
Add Group Check Monitoring for Uptime Performance

Alert on Interrelated Check Failure

Configure precise alerting conditions that accurately notify IT and SRE stakeholders when a number of monitoring checks within a group go down.

Report Overall Performance

Don’t just tag checks, deliver insights. Share uptime data on dozens – or thousands – of checks for dashboards, SLA reports, and status pages displaying a group’s overall performance or average SLA per check.

Uptime and SLA Reporting Service for Group Monitoring Checks with
Website Downtime and Incident Data for Uptime Monitoring with

Remove Confusion from Resolution

Delineate between isolated issues and system-wide outages. Arm support and engineering teams with precise incident data on impacted grouped or individual checks.

Feature Rich Monitoring Tool User Review Pieter

“The one monitoring tool we have been waiting for”

“Feature-rich: good monitoring, good reporting, and fine live pages. SLA reporting is now a piece of cake, we deliver SaaS software - where uptime is a critical factor.”

Group monitoring checks now

  • Associate individual checks together
  • Differentiate isolated vs. system-wide issues
  • Customize thresholds and alerting
  • Report on overall or average SLA values
  • Display data in reports & status pages