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Uptime Monitoring for Education Websites

Because you want to earn an "A" in uptime performance.

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School and university website uptime monitoring for speed, downtime, and availability performance with

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UPENN Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
University of Illinois System Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
University of Wisconsin Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
Indiana University Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
Michigan State University Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
Western university Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
University of British Colombia Trusts For Performance Web Monitoring
Add Website Monitoring Checks for HTTP(S), SSL and Uptime Testing on University Sites with

Test institutional infrastructure

Monitor the performance of marketing sites, registration pages, and critical portals for tuition and knowledge sharing between students and staff.

Monitor 3rd party services

Check the reliability of API-driven systems and services used to support student life, including campus safety, meal planning, and more.

Monitor 3rd Party APIs and University Website Services for Uptime Performance with
Deliver Website Outage Alerts via SMS, Call, Email to University IT Admins and SREs

Know when checks fail tests

Mitigate confusion and accelerate resolution. Deliver accurate downtime alerts via SMS, phone call, email, and popular tools like Slack, PagerDuty and Microsoft Teams.

Monitor speed and user experience  

Optimize code, elements, and website performance by monitoring real user session data from students and staff accessing systems from around the world.

Use Real User Monitoring (RUM) to monitor speed, errors, and availability of University resources from around the world
Create branded website status pages for downtime, incident, and scheduled website maintenance windows

Update students and staff

Reduce pressure on IT admins during downtime or maintenance windows with branded, subscribable website status pages.

Count on top-rated support

You’re all about learning, we are too. Rely on our top-rated support team 24/7 to resolve issues and answer questions for seasoned IT admins and CS students alike.

University students and IT admins trust technical support to resolve outages and issues
G2 review on uptime monitoring software and support

“Excellent monitoring service”

“Monitoring public services is critical to proactive service delivery. Uptime has already enabled us to detect outages in near real-time so we can respond quickly and restore services before impact occurs.”

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