Why Small Businesses Need to Avoid Website Downtime

Website downtime can be detrimental to all businesses. Website downtime costs businesses potential customers, hurts relationships with current customers, and takes away valuable company resources that can be put toward other projects.

For small businesses, keeping a website up is important for many reasons outside anything related to finance. For small businesses, it comes down to reliability.

Small businesses face many challenges. It’s no surprise that so many small businesses fail each year or even struggle to get off the ground. Life can be difficult. A good website can serve as an equalizer, a way for small businesses to show their abilities to their community and to the world. While a great website will not guarantee success, it shows the company is serious about what it does and helps make a great first impression for customers.

The Perception of Down Websites

That first impression is incredibly important. Without a brand name, small businesses likely attract or push away potential customers in that first interaction. If a company’s website is down, consumers will simply move on to another option and forget that small business even exists.

The same can be said if a company’s website is poorly put together or is on an incredibly outdated platform. In business, impressions matter. That’s why small businesses need to work with a trusted web-hosting provider and have a notification service when their site goes down.

With small businesses, every customer is important. Not only do these customers bring in revenue, small businesses rely so heavily on word of mouth that a good customer experience can lead to more work in the future. Small businesses face a tough road, but a great website can help them on that journey. Making sure that a company’s website is up, though, is incredibly important. With the right alerts in place, small businesses can ensure their website is working at all times, making sure not a single customer slips through the cracks.

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