What is Website Blacklisting?

In addition to website monitoring, Uptime.com provides scanning that checks your website for malicious software and other security threats that can lead to blacklisting. A blacklist is a list of banned IP addresses of people and companies that have been denied certain internet privileges after not complying with the established internet regulations.

Similar to an email server that distributes spam, a website that consistently distributes malware in the form of viruses or worms can be flagged as malicious in nature and added to a blacklist. Once a site is blacklisted, visitors who attempt to access it are warned that the website is “unsafe.” The site is also removed from search engine indexes.

Several practices contribute to making your website more susceptible to hackers and malicious software which may lead to blacklisting, including easy passwords, insecure connections, password sniffing, web applications, and insecure servers.

How do you know if your website has been blacklisted?

  • Perform a Manual Check. Search for your domain name on Google by entering “site:yourdomainname.com”. If your website does not come up in the search, you have most likely been blacklisted. Note that this will only work if your website has previously been indexed by Google. If you have a brand new site, the search will not return any results.
  • Use an Automated Service. There are several online services available that can inform you of the status of your website. Simply visit one of these sites, type in your URL, and you will receive a message to let you know whether or not your domain name has been blacklisted.

Other Ways to Avoid Blacklisting

  • Clean up your site, and remove all malicious software.
  • Utilize a website monitoring service, such as Uptime, that scans your site for malware on a 24/7 basis.
  • Ensure that your site content is original in order to avoid copyright violations.
  • Do not mask keywords or phrases with background color techniques.
  • Do not link to spammy pages.

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