What is a Domain Health Check?

It’s recommended we go to the doctor every year for a checkup to make sure we are healthy and in good working condition. Like you, your computer needs these same sort of checkups for the same reasons.

Uptime.com performs domain health checks, which are exactly what they sound like. These checks execute hundreds of performance tests on your different computer systems, including your website, web server, email, and blacklists that could block traffic from your site.

Like doctor visits, these performance tests and checkups can find and prevent a lot of issues that otherwise would have caused serious problems down the line. You can see what’s wrong and take necessary action to fix it or catch potential problems before they happen. So what exactly goes into a domain health check? Here are the four main areas:


Officially known as the Domain Name System, this is ensuring that when people type in your web address it actually goes to your site. While everyone is familiar with website names, the internet recognizes each site by a number. This test makes sure that your website’s name redirects to the correct number each and every time. Uptime.com runs multiple tests against your DNS servers and their configuration. The second something goes wrong, the company will send you an alert.

Web Server

Once it’s confirmed traffic is going to the right address, you want to make sure that address is working as it should be. Uptime.com checks your website status every minute to make sure it’s work. Just like with DNS checks, it will alert you if anything changes so you can make proper adjustments.

Mail Server

Most companies have email attached to their website domain name, so customers know where to reach them. Uptime.com’s Domain Health Check ensures your email server is working as well. It checks each MX record, which is a notation that email is being sent and received property. Multiple performance checks are conducted each day with instant notifications as soon as anything malfunctions.

Blacklist and Malware

Blacklists are registries of known spammers on the internet. If your domain is on this list, then you may not be reaching the amount of people that you think because not as many will be able to access your site. These lists are reserved for scams and other nefarious activity, but sometimes your domain may accidentally end up on one. If it does, Uptime.com will alert you so you can take appropriate action. With this type of information, you can make sure that your website and your business remain healthy at all times like they you need them to be.

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