Uptime.com Alerts, Part 3: Slack and VictorOps

Uptime.com prides itself in letting website owners know the instant their site goes down. To do so, Uptime.com uses a variety of different notifications, many of which people may not be familiar with. Here is a look at two: Slack and VictorOps.


Over the last few months you would be hard pressed to find a new application that is used more in business. Slack takes the traditional message board, but adds extra functionality. Users can post gifs, videos and messages, along with sending direct communication between a person or a group of people.

Slack also features topic-themed message boards. At a big company, different accounts can be given their own channels to discuss business. Side channels can also be set up to discuss things like last night’s “Game of Thrones.” It’s a fun way to stay in contact with co-workers, discussing work, life and everything in between.

Uptime.com knows a lot of companies now rely heavily on slack. To make sure customers never miss an alert, Uptime.com can send messages to a person on Slack. Since Slack also has a popular mobile app that ties to its desktop version, users can get notifications in either location. It’s a great way to keep users informed.


Just launched a few years ago, VictorOps is a real-time incident management platform for information technology professionals that combine people with data to mitigate incidents. For website owners, this is a key tool as IT staff can respond to website outages with real-time information to help them not only fix the problem, but stop future outages from happening.

Uptime.com can send messages to VictorOps as well, letting IT staff know when the website is down. This is key as it notifies the people whose job will be to fix the site immediately of an outage. It’s a huge time saver, but also a smart way of thinking about website downtime and how to minimize it as much as possible.

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