Keeping a Website Activity Log, and Why It Matters

Those uptime reports aren’t just for sentimental value; they’re a record of your website’s performance. The information in these reports reveal so much about the effectiveness of your website including its average load time, all activity on your website, the most popular features and much more. That information will come in handy down the road in more ways than one.

Proof of Your Success

If your website has a high traffic volume with popular features, consistent availability and a fast load time, that’s something you can look at with pride. You can use your uptime reports as an example of your website’s success. Much like an annual earnings report, your uptime reports will give you a sense of your website’s value including how many monthly users you can expect, what’s drawing your customers in, and how long they’re staying.

Holding Your Web Host Accountable

When it comes to downtime, your web host can either be a major asset or a huge liability. When you sign up with a web host, they’ll have you sign a service-level agreement that usually includes some kind of an uptime guarantee. If your web host falls short of this agreement, you can back up your complaint by keeping a thorough log of your website’s activity. If your web host guarantees 99 percent uptime and your reports say otherwise, you could be entitled to a refund of services.

Future Investments

The success of your website can be a launching pad to bigger and better things. If the time comes when you need to secure an investment, you’ll need your uptime reports to show that your website can go the distance. Investors will need proof of your website’s performance including the annual number of users, load time, uptime and what’s attracting users to your website in the first place.

It’s important to keep both a digital record and a paper copy of your website’s activity. Be proud of your website’s success. It might be worth more than you think.

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