The Benefit of Website Monitoring Apps and APIs

One of the hottest jobs right now is that of a web application developer, and challenges these developers to use their innovation to help the company’s customers.

Here’s how it works and how it benefits you:

Through the nature of its work, collects a lot of information about websites. To get the most from that data, has issued an open challenge to application developers: “If you’ve ever said ‘there should be an app for that,’ then submit your idea today and you’ll have the potential to earn some extra cash.”

Application developers can submit their own ideas or take on one of the outstanding ones that the company wants to create. Current projects include creating apps for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magneto.

To help developers, released a number of application program interfaces, best known as APIs. These are guides for developers to use when they create applications, a set of guidelines for how different aspects of the app should work together.

This methodology greatly benefits customers. By creating different applications and creating an open forum for ideas, is challenging developers to create applications around website uptime that have not even been imagined yet.

Of all things, the government has been a leader in this kind of thinking. Years ago, the Department of Defense released its geospatial data for developers that ultimately led to the growth of global positioning technology. The Health and Human Services Department is currently doing similar things with health data.

Ambitious developers will seek out projects like these in order to make money and maybe stumble upon the next GPS, but also to challenge themselves intellectually.

In the end, the customer gets to take advantage of these advances. The apps are created with customers in mind, supplying them with easier ways to monitor their own site or providing valuable information for their businesses.

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