Jigsaw Ransomware: How to Protect Yourself

The Department of Defense has called cyber the fifth domain of warfare and it’s no surprise. A constant battle is playing out right now online that affects everyone with a computer, a website, or any personal information located on the web.

Although military forces are not yet involved, the battle is being played out between hackers – those who want to do harm and those who are trying to stop them. The latest clash is over ransomware, one of the most popular types of viruses used online right now.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a program that takes control of your online property — your website, your accounts or even your computer. It then makes you pay to regain control. It’s an evil scheme and one that has taken millions of dollars from people who feel they have no other option.

The latest piece of ransomware making headlines is Jigsaw, named for the villain in the “Saw” movie series. This virus deletes all a victim’s encrypted files until they pay a fee, usually $150. Other types of ransomware can shut down a company’s website, costing them valuable downtime and making it seem like paying the ransom is the best solution.

Luckily, a team of researchers, hackers and online activists are fighting back.

The Other Side of Ransomware

Researchers have released a free decryption tool to fight back against Jigsaw. Downloading this program along with some other key steps will get rid of the virus that deletes your files if you wait too long to pay or try to shut off your computer.

Getting a virus like this is still be annoying, but there is an answer. If you encounter something like this that threatens your website, there is likely an answer out there to help you. The two sides are in an arms race as hackers keep coming up with more nefarious attacks while others try to stop them.

The Internet is a dangerous place and your website may end up in the middle of it. But there are people out there to help make sure your website stays up.

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