How to Keep Users on Your Website Longer helps ensure that your website is always running; the second it goes down you get an alert so you can quickly fix it. That’s a great tool for any business, especially ones that relies heavily on their site to do business and interact with customers.

While you want customers to visit your site, you also want them to stay there and that’s not always the easiest thing to accomplish. The internet is a busy place and there are many distractions that will pull visitors away. One of the primary reasons they stray is if they find your site or content unappealing.

So, what are the best ways to keep people on your site? Let’s look at some.

Incorporate Video

It seems so simple, but hosting quality videos is not easy. But the benefit of a good video can greatly boost the average time a person spends on your site. Think about creating interesting videos that your customers will find interesting. Even if they are relatively short – two to three minutes – they will keep them engaged and on your site.

Lead with Your Best

In newspapers, they always talked about putting the best stories above the fold, the part of the newspaper people see first. Those stories would sell the rest of the newspaper. Websites should think the same way. Imagine that people will only see the top half of your landing page. Does it stand out? Does it engage them? If not, rethink your site and the approach you take.

Make Sure Your Site is Fast

Having a slow site will keep users around, but for all the wrong reasons! People want things quickly and if your site takes too long they will easily and quickly open a new tab and then you’ve lost them. Make sure your site runs optimally at all times and this is where can help as it monitors your website’s response time. If it takes too long, then you need to take the necessary steps to improve speed.

Create a “Purple Cow”

Have you ever seen a purple cow? Probably not, but the thought of one might intrigue you. The idea of a purple cow is a thought device to get content providers to create something that is different than can be found elsewhere on the web. Be unique, be different, and people will stay on your site.

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