How Do You Know If Your Website Is Down?

Unless you use a 24/7 website uptime monitoring service, you most likely won’t know that your site is down until a customer or site visitor informs you that they can’t access it. Before taking any further action, try to duplicate the error on your end if this happens to ensure that the problem is not related to the site visitor’s computer or internet connection.

First, clear your cache to be certain you’re viewing the most up-to-date version of your site. Click on the History tab in your browser, then select Clear Recent History, orClear Browsing History if you’re using Chrome. Next to the Time Range to Clearoption, select Everything and ensure that Cookies and Cache are checked. ClickClear Now. If you’re using Internet Explorer, click on Tools, then select Delete Browsing History to clear the cookies and cache.

After you’ve cleared the cache and cookies history, go to your website and refresh the page. If the site fails again, try to access a larger website, such as or to ensure there are no issues with your internet connectivity. You can also attempt to access your website from your cellphone, and call a friend to ask them to try and access your site from his location.

If all these attempts fail, your website is down.

Your next step is to determine the cause of this downtime, which can range from network problems to programming errors. In the meantime, try not to panic – even major companies are affected by unplanned website downtime. The key is to remain calm and get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

You may want to consider using an uptime monitoring service, such as These companies monitor your site for downtime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a small fee. They provide daily, weekly, or monthly detailed reports that summarize each check, allowing you to identify and solve any problems swiftly. You can be aware of any issues with your site, and hopefully solve them before your customers and site viewers even know a problem existed.

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