Facebook is Your Website’s Best Friend

It was once that Facebook existed as the social media platform of choice for the younger generation, but in all honesty, those days are gone. Kids have now moved on to platforms such as Snapchat to interact with one another, but Facebook continues to grow with the demographic most businesses want: adults.

Yes, your parents and even grandparents likely use Facebook more than any other platform. It’s the place they share pictures, connect with relatives or share interesting stories they find on the internet. It’s also the place you should work as an advocate for your website.

The Benefits of Facebook

Facebook has cut down on the ways corporations can use their platform in recent years, but it’s still a valuable tool. Not only can website owners still share links to their content and connect with possible customers, Facebook can be a way to send out announcements and updates about products or services.

The key to marketing is always going where your customers are. That’s true if you are handing out flyers in a parking lot or trying to connect with people online. Facebook can help website owners do that on a platform that people are comfortable with. Facebook also has a large international reach, making it a fantastic way to connect with people all over the world.

Utilize Facebook Live

One of Facebook’s newer features is Facebook Live, where users can broadcast themselves on the web. It’s been a way for companies to add content that will drive people to their homepage. Think of ways that you could use Facebook Live to connect with your audience, offering information about you or your website in creative ways. Facebook Live can be used similar to YouTube where people can become personalities on the platform that drive audience engagement.

With so many people still using Facebook, it’s the best way to still reach the older generation. Just because the kids don’t find it cool doesn’t mean there still isn’t value.

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