Happy Monday: Facebook Is Down (Again)

Facebook users were most likely just pouring their morning coffee when they found the site inaccessible due to a major outage. These users had to use other means to find out what was on their friend’s minds while they slept.

While the outage seemed to be concentrated on the East Coast of the US and parts of South America, reports of problems in the UK came in as well. The length of the outage has not been disclosed, but reports started coming in early Monday morning EST.

We’ve been receiving requests all morning:

facebook page speed test

What Happened

The social media network greeted some with an error message that “something went wrong,” and referred them to the Help Center. Clicking on the Help Center link led to the same error message.

facebook error message

A Tweetstorm Ensues

Since people often check Facebook as much as their email, the fact that it was down completely sent users to Twitter to vent their frustration.

Others speculated about a world without Facebook…

And still others remarked about how productive people would be without access to the network.

What Now?

As of 2:00PM EST, Facebook appears to be working normally and all is right with the world. While an outage this large is uncommon for the world’s largest social media network, it goes to show that no site is immune to outages.

By continually monitoring your domain with a tool like Uptime.com, you’ll be informed of outages as they happen and be able to respond quickly.

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