5 Website KPIs You Should Care About

There are many different ways to measure how well a website works, but there are a few key ones to pay attention to. Here are the top ones:


This is the biggest one. Is your website currently working? While it may seem like a simple thing to know, it is easily the most important. Without a working website, your customers cannot get information about your company or organization. If your website goes down, it should immediately become your top priority to fix it.

Uptime History

While your website may work now, you’ll want to know what it’s history looked like. If there are large patches of downtime, you’ll want to possibly find a new provider. Knowing the history from day to day and week to week can help you make this determination.

Response Time

How long does it take the site to respond to a request? The faster your site responds to inquiries then the better it will be. While a down website is harmful, a slow website can cause as many problems as customers may go to seek an alternative. That hurts your business and can cause revenue loss, so while your site may work, it also needs to work well.

Response Time by Location

Customers can access your site from all over the world, but because of different connections the speed can vary greatly. While your site might work great in the eastern United States, there may be people in England trying to get information that cannot. If you are an international company, you need to make sure your site works all over the world or you are cutting off part of your customer base.

Is Your Site Blacklisted?

Sometimes hackers can break into your code and insert viruses that your customers will unknowingly download. If you see a sharp drop in traffic this might be the reason.

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