A Smarter Uptime Monitoring Solution

Being an IT pro is more demanding than ever. Technology powers everything your business does, and for everyone—from executives to customers—the need for reliable access to applications and infrastructure is crucial.


That’s why we created to provide your organization with the tools it needs to monitor critical web infrastructure and provide actionable insights into what went wrong.

We provide web monitoring tools that go beyond the basics. gives businesses of all sizes the power to manage IT on their own terms. With an impressive list of integrations like Slack and PagerDuty and with multiple downtime notification options including SMS, email and phone calls, adapts to the way you work best, at a competitive price.


Operations and IT teams are feeling increased demand for always-on infrastructure, and incident reporting of critical statistics. provides an intuitive and powerful monitoring solution with reporting at your fingertips. is constantly evolving based on your needs. We work with companies of all sizes, from individual entrepreneurs to large scale enterprise companies.

Unlike other providers, every check includes unlimited testing, providing the most comprehensive coverage available. All plans give you access to a wide variety of checks including API, Real User Monitoring (RUM) and Transaction Checks.

Here’s what makes the best choice for your web monitoring needs:

Customer-Focused is designed with you in mind. User experience is at the forefront of every design decision. Our setup process is streamlined to make it easy for you to create checks and alerts quickly. Your dashboard instantly displays important statistics upon login, and you can dig deeper into each check for more detailed information. Don’t want to log into your account to check the status everyday? We’ve got your covered. integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools like Cachet, Jira Service Desk, and more.

All-Inclusive Monitoring does more than check site availability. Check for other critical site problems and performance issues. Download reports to share with management or other team members. We provide you with crucial details for accurate root cause analysis. Create public-facing status pages and widgets to share information with site visitors.


When there’s an issue, you don’t have to wait days for an answer. Our comprehensive support library provides answers to your most pressing questions. Need additional help? We’re also available via live chat, email, phone, or online contact form. You’ll get personal attention from one of our knowledgeable support reps.


When it comes to web monitoring, reliability is key. That’s why we’ve worked tirelessly to create a highly reliable system with minimum false alarms. gives you the ability to continually monitor your site 24/7 with an extremely low rate of false positives, giving you peace of mind.


We understand how much downtime hurts.’s inception was the result of the founder experiencing a major website outage. After searching for a web monitoring tool, he found there was lack of a solution that was both affordable and user-friendly. This prompted the launch of

In 2015, acquired Pingometer, allowing us to improve our already stellar website uptime monitoring tools.

Founded in 2013 & headquartered in Austin, is an industry leading website uptime & performance solution with customers including Kraft, BNP Paribas, SAGE Publishing & Autodesk. Co-founded by seasoned B2B software entrepreneurs, was ranked by TechRadar as the 2019 Best overall website monitoring service.

Today,’s team includes professionals around the world including the United States, Canada, Israel, and the United Kingdom. By focusing on what customers need, we’re able to continually improve based on the latest best practices in software development.

Meet the Team

The industry experts that make so great

Mike Welsh

Chief Executive Officer

Benjamin Byrne

Director of SysOps & Co-founder

Barak Shohat

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Daniel B. Gershuni

Chief Product Officer & Co-founder

Yoni Solomon

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Esposito

Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder

Elias Laham

VP of Customer Support & Success

Dmitry Valerievich

Senior Developer

Alexei Melnikov

Senior Developer

Lennon McCartney

Senior Developer

Mikhail Lukianchenko

Senior Developer & Systems Administrator

Jay Westerdal

Board Member & Co-founder

Richard Bashara

Content Marketer & Support Manager

Emily Blitstein

Technical Content Writer

Brian Golatka

UX Designer

Haim Agami

UX Designer

Janice Muri

Financial Controller


Our team has a unique chemistry with a collaborative workplace where employees can personally contribute to Uptime’s success.

Qualities we seek in team members

Professionalism, curiosity, initiative, responsiveness, ambition & integrity.

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